Tyrannis: Eve Online Hold’em

I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to every reader thus far that has donated ISK to this community contest. From 1 million isk and higher, it all is generous, and I appreciate each of you for contributing.

Beyond individual player donations, there have been a couple of substantial donations made towards this contest by third party EVE entities.

This post is to identify the single biggest contribution to the CCP/Roc Tyrannis Contest thus far, and it comes from Eve Online Hold’em.

Visit their website to play now! EVE ONLINE HOLD’EM http://www.eohpoker.com/ (It’s also listed in Roc’s Referrals on the right)

Eve Online Hold’em is New Eden’s premiere legitimate gambling establishment with adventurous pod pilots winning billions of ISK! Looking for some fun? Some action? Some profit? Want to feed on the tears of others? EOH is the place where you can win big or lose it all.

It’s not over until the River.

Selene D’Celeste, founder and CEO of EOH is generous, personable, approachable, and runs a very secure operation.

So with Selene’s contribution of 3 BILLION ISK, we are now at 4 billion isk in prizes, and still have 2 PLEX to auction off! Way to go Eve community!

I’m updating the contest post now to reflect the prize changes!!!

PS. I’ve had some people ask if CK and I don’t get along, as since the beginning of this contest I’ve made it a point to raise more prizing than CK had for his CCP sponsored Tyrannis contest.

CK and I get along just fine. In fact, our playful goading of each other is just motivation to push ourselves further. In the end, it’s the Eve community that benefits.

Also, CK, if you’re reading this, I’m at 202 lbs.

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