– by Waelsleaht

Journal Entry 000425

This town used to center around the monastery. It used to have farmers, monks, even children playing in the streets. This town used to be green. I grew up hearing stories about the big cities miles to the west. Where the emperor and his family live in their palace. Sky scrapers a thousand meters high. Giant ships that can go to space and explore the galaxy. I always thought id go there one day.

It seems only yesterday that dream ended when we heard horror stories about capsuleers. Men and women living in cocoon like structures and using neural implants and toxins to control massive space ships single handedly. Cloning themselves and transferring their consciousness to another body. Thankfully CONCORD has kept these monsters in space where they belong. But not anymore…

Just recently we have heard word that CONCORD has passed a new bill allowing capsuleers to meddle in our affairs; own land, factories, reactors. They can even employ locals and mercenaries to work for them. This was suppose to bring them into our fold. Encourage them to be part of our culture. Strengthening the market both galactic and planetary. Already we hear word of the market soaring on the galactic scale. Prices soaring, many new corporations are rising to power. But in the light of all of this, they failed to see the flaws in our markets. Jobs that were supposed to be created from this have yet to come. Many private companies owned by honest hard working folk are out of business thanks to the many capsuleers vying for control of the resources.

Poverty has taken over here. Many families have moved on. Only factory workers and miners come here anymore. I had to take up two jobs to stay in the house my father built. Recently it has come into disrepair from my general lack of ISK. My hopes of being a father myself ended when my wife left me because I was too stubborn to leave. Why didn’t I listen to her.

Mercenaries have been coming threw here more often. Many lands have been bought up. But corporations are going to war over other lands. As if fighting over the vacuum of space wasn’t senseless enough. I guess fighting over land makes the most sense to someone like me.

War is coming… With all the mercenaries coming around armed with the latest gear and no more land to be purchased. I fear it will only get worse for us. If we even survive the first assaults…

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