Stayin’ Alive

NOTE: Due to the limitations on YouTube for using copyrighted music even on non-profit, personal videos, I had to host this video on Vimeo. As such, it’s Flash player based and will not work for those of you enjoying my blog on Capsuleer.

I had lost track of time in the mental institution. Several weeks had passed in the universe, leaving me with a black hole of information. On my journey to nullsec, I took the time to get up to date with current events:

  • [non-public] Valkear General Eran Mintor had turned his back on the Republic, leaving the Tribal Liberation Force to join the 24th Imperial Crusade. His rationalization is that he would fight the battle from within to abolish slavery. I wondered if he could sleep at night.
  • [public] Bloody Hands of Matar destroy Ministry of War Bureau station in Pashani III. 5,563 people killed in the incident. Shakor denies any involvement with the terrorist action. Right.
  • [non-public] Mynxee had left the Hellcats to join Noir. That was something I never thought I’d see. And in the midst of my troubles with Concord, Mynxee had made the short list of nominees for the Council of Stellar Management. Too convenient to be coincidence, but I had to keep reminding myself that I didn’t care anymore, about her, or about Republic politics.

There were many other items of interest, both publicly and from my own information networks; the universe continued on, without revolving around me.

PyjamaSam and I had arranged to meet in lowsec, for one last night out together, neither of us knowing when we would see each other again. Have you ever had one of those nights with your close friends where you completely let loose and get so utterly and totally hammered that you have zero recollection of the events of the evening?

Fortunately, PyjamaSam always carried a micro cam drone on his person, another of his tinkerings, and was kind enough to send me the footage he captured of me dancing at a local station club.


I hate you Sam.

3 responses to “Stayin’ Alive

  1. I’m equal parts ‘laugh out loud’ amused and ‘run from the room gouging my eyes’ horrified!!

    Great stuff!

  2. Slap that hot ass, boy!

    LOL! That was hilarious…and wow, what a ton of work that had to take to create. I would never have the patience for it. Very well done! I haven’t heard that song in YEARS, hee hee!

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