Tyrannis: Forgotten Gods

– by 343guilty1

I can still remember the day that the skies changed from the greenish blues that I had seen as a child. The smells of the great war machines reigning down from the skies, spewing their polluting chemicals across our green fields. I remember the men and women that marched into our towns, and took what they pleased. I remember…

It was deep in autumn when word came in, Concord was lifting the age old ban of Planetary Industry. At first no one knew what this meant, what this would bring… Many of the elders did not believe the holoreels, because it was just not how things were done, but we the youth knew that the new paradigm of universal management was serious.

Of course no one consulted the inhabitants of the planets, for they knew not one citizen of a planet aside from major market tycoons who had something to gain would want any part of these operations. Some of the slums would poke their head out for work, knowing full well that it would be a shit job, but hopefully bring in some isk to feed their families, but unfortunately for those living in the edges ofthe empire out in the regions we knew as Void space, (or as the capsuleers called it null sec) this was not an option.

All to often in the coming months would we hear tales of entire worlds being taken over by an agressive sky alliance driving their war machine, that they would drive to enslave all the peoples of their homeworld. There would be resistence, but it would be futile. With the supierior technology and tactics the Sky Devils as they would become known as a general term amongst the locals would no doubt prevail without any hassle. For us lucky ones, in empire space, there would still be regulations. Just as restrictions had been placed upon the mobile stations that the sky devils could setup, there too would be such implications on this “Planetary Interaction” that the leaders had dubbed it, but to little avail.

With so many planets and so few Concord, they would rarely be enforced.

They came with armed escorts, hundreds of ships with thousands more workers descended upon our planet, and within days their factorys up. Not long after posters starting appearing in the towns, propaganda bullshit trying to persuade our people to work for their cause for little money. I, of course, resenting every part of the ordeal strayed from the pubs I once used to sit at nightly, and other places which I cherished for shame of my fellow Horpkins. Too many had I seen fall into conformity following the “Final Decline” of our ways. I could not stand my friends who I had once thought patriots. Men who had fought in wars against neighboring principalities, against foreign tyrannies, against any foe that our goverment had deemed a threat, now lost all significance, not because they didn’t not love our country, but because they did not love our planet.

They did not see that if no fuel for these machinations was provided that they would shut down and leave us be, and move on to another population, but they gave in.

Soon I found others who shared my views, and we spent many a night discussing our divine hatred for the Sky Devils. Over the course of a year, we picked up more believers in our cause. We had formed a plan.

The day was set, and we were ready. What would go down in history as a rebellion would one day be rewrote as a revolution, by us, because history is written by the victors, but for now we were just getting started. Out of our entire town, we had amassed 514 fellow believers. We would strike the factory that had overtaken our town and bring the bull to a halt. We had stolen weapons and ammunition from various sources and many already had their own caches. The guards had grown lazy and carefree under OUR radiant sun. The martinets of the factories had left to go start other mining facilities. The time was right. We carried out or operations flawlessly, and though we took minor losses we had sent our message, that this evil industrial empire would not be tolerated, not here not ever.

After seeing what had become of the Sky Devils, others took up the cause, and soon word spread across the land of those who had retaliated. The alliances would cover this up with stories of counter-attacks, but the true meaning was seen. It only took a few sympathetic capsuleers who will be remembered as the Forgotten Gods, as the ones who liberated other planets, by telling the stories of the planets and giving hope to those who were oppressed.

It started with 514, and now spans to tens of thousands of patriots who believe in the cause.

2 responses to “Tyrannis: Forgotten Gods

  1. Was a bit rushed in the ending but still rather happy with it, shame it seems this will be the cookie cutter version of most of these entries =/ already had someone else post a similar one, hope this is the best variant! 😉 good luck to all

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