[OOC] The New Blog Pack

First of all, I want to let my readers know two things:

  1. This is not an official Capsuleer posting. It is my own personal opinion.
  2. I have nothing but respect for what CrazyKinux has done for the EVE community, even if he doesn’t really blog that much anymore himself, aside from linking to everything else everyone else does.

Seriously, CK was the man motivated enough to organize the efforts of all us EVE bloggers, promoting the crap out of our work, consistently pushing us forward to ensure EVE players had the best blogs available to them at any time.

Others have tried this before, and since, but for whatever reasons have failed where CK has not. So kudos on that.

Having said that, and let me make it clear that I am not intentionally dissing CK, and that I am not speaking on behalf of the Capsuleer dev team, I can continue.

Ok, have I covered my ass enough?

The voting for the new blog pack is nothing short of a popularity contest. There. I said it.

Does it ensure that the best blogs make it to the Blog Pack, and therefore make it into Capsuleer? Nope. It just means people who are even aware of CK’s post get a chance to promote themselves and their friends.

Make no mistake, I voted, and I’m proud to be on the blog pack. Still, doesn’t mean we’ll get the best of the best.

There are many blogs I read in Capsuleer that probably won’t make the cut. That makes me sad personally because obviously I enjoy them.

There are also EVE related blogs I read not in Capsuleer or the Blog Pack that I would like to see in both.

I truly am rambling today.

I’m just a little miffed at the process, and the possible affect it will have on bloggers as well as an application I am very proud to be a part of.

If it were up to me, and it just might be half up to me as far as Capsuleer is concerned, I would simply add the new blogs to the existing Headlines list in Capsuleer, as I know I can’t be the only one who feels this way.

I wouldn’t want to lose a single Capsuleer user due to one of their favourite blogs being removed.

Anyway, CK, if you read this, know that I do appreciate you, but hope  you understand my comments. If were a community with a million bloggers, I would understand the need for the “blogfather” to trim the fat. But we’re not, and if anything, I think the Blog Pack should grow, or at least consider removing blogs that don’t post original content at all.

Dear readers, if any of you feel the same way, please comment. Comment here in this post. Comment on CK’s post. Comment at the Capsuleer forums. Make yourself heard.

What good are differing opinions if we can’t discuss them as mature adults?

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