Rocalicious February

Bit late in coming, I know.

February is traditionally the month of love. What is love really? Chemical reactions? Hormones? Want of something you are told you cannot have, only to become bored with it once you’ve consumed it?

I decided in being honest with ourselves, I would declare February the month of lust, the real pursuit of love (for men at least), and create an image accordingly.


4 responses to “Rocalicious February

  1. HAHA! Very good! Never would have put it that way cause you have to behave a certain way for the ladies 😉 but yes I think you may be right

  2. Since you mentioned it, it’s the stimulated production of vasopressin and oxytocin which creates the natural high we call love. Initially, this drives our carnal urges and encourages us to further the species. Like any intoxicant, it’s effectiveness and power diminishes over time but is replaced by other social factors. So love and lust; you’re right, it’s a fine line.

    S’not all that romantic to think of it that way though.

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