[OOC]Facebook Group

Apparently my blog entry on post Dominion Firetail fittings was linked to the Facebook Eve Online group. That day my little blog generated 16000+ visits, which is astounding to me.

Also to take into consideration for the EVE Blog Pack members is that Capsuleer currently provides no mechanism for tracking hits to your blog. With over 36,0000 Capsuleer users, I’m confident we’re all seeing higher numbers, as we’re constantly receiving compliments on the Blog Pack over at our CAPSULEER FORUMS.

So whoever linked me, thanks. Do it again. As often as possible.

2 responses to “[OOC]Facebook Group

    • Yes, I see the results from Google Reader. Only thing I don’t like about that is that it doesn’t give me the opportunity to visit whomever came my way, which I enjoy doing. I often many other good sites/blogs out there using this mechanism.

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