Celebrity Death Match #4 – The Other Side of the Story

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I remember this one interesting encounter, roughly around the time of my incarceration for self-confessed slaving (which is another story in and of itself), when I was challenged by a Civire, temporarily on leave from the Caldari State war machine to prepare for one of New Eden’s most publicized and famous tournaments.

I was sitting in Minmatar space, Vard system I believe, a single Warrior II drone orbiting my Vigil class frigate as my engineers continued their work repairing and securing one of our defensive complexes in the system. That is when the comm request came in. I had Aura quickly pull up all the relevant details about the sender… Caldari, Civire, ex-military, interesting.

I accepted the call.

Seemed this pilot had fashioned me into some type of “celebrity”, undoubtedly in part due to my continual exposure in the media, both good and bad, over the course of my career. And yet it somehow seemed more personal for him, this Nashh Kadavrs.

He wanted to duel me, for the glory of having beaten the infamous Colonel Roc Wieler in battle.

It crossed the line of flattery or fan appreciation. It left me feeling a little unsettled. And quite honestly, I had better things to do than to indulge the ego of some pilot fashioning himself to be the next big thing.

Then my own arrogance got the better of me, and I decided the most appropriate way to teach this pilot a lesson was in person.

He agreed to come to Dal, my home turf, and to duel in frigates, giving me a clear advantage.

Half an hour later, he warped to my location, and we locked on to each other.

I released the safeties on my triple 200mm AC IIs, but Aura quickly paused the action, warning me that doing this was an illegal act and would result in CONCORD responding.

I knew the rules of engagement. I knew this action shouldn’t have been illegal. Nashh, in his quick moving Kestrel, was already draining my shields, so clearly wasn’t worried about CONCORD interference.

I politely asked for a ceasefire while we figured this out, together. No point in senselessly losing our ships after it took so much effort to set this up.

Eventually, we agreed to go for it, and waited until we were both at 100%. Then it began. We circled each other like sharks, colliding to tear at each other with our sharp teeth repeatedly except… except I seemed to be firing blanks. Nothing was hitting his ship.

That wasn’t right. I mean, not out of ego, but quite simply it shouldn’t have been possible for this to have happened.

I watched as my shields, then armour, peeled away from my ship, and decided to dishonourably leave the field of battle. Clearly, something was wrong with my ship.

I docked up in Dal, ordered emergency repairs, using my rank as Colonel to be moved to first in the queue, and had them swap out my ammo for Republic Fleet EM.

I quickly commed Nashh, and told him of my predicament, forfeiting the match to him. He wasn’t content with a victory of that nature; he wanted to beat me while I was at my best. I could respect that, and made haste back to his location.

We engaged each other once again.

His shield drained slowly while mine drained at a much more rapid rate. Obvious shield tank on his end. We seemed to be doing about equal damage, and I was still impressed with how much damage output his Kestrel was delivering.

Then my armour began to shred. My armour repair systems quickly came online, negating the damage, and I overheated my weapons.

That is when the tide of battle turned in my favour.

Chunks of his armour flew in all directions, my webbifier preventing him from maintaining any type of transverse velocity. My armour held, and I pushed my weapons even harder, feeling them spit out hot death at an alarming rate.

Then there was the explosion. The fight was over. Victory was mine.

To his credit, Nashh wished me well, and thanked me for the experience, and feeling impressed by his honourable conduct, I welcomed him to a tie breaking match at some point of his choosing.

I offered to collect his wreck, returning his items to him, but he declined, “To the victor go the spoils.” or some such.

I docked up at a nearby station, then continued on with the other business of my day.

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