Capsuleer is coming

#1 most viewed post topic on Roc’s Ramblings … Capsuleer. 

After much grueling debugging and beta feedback, after sleepless nights and profanity the likes of which this planet has not seen, Capsuleer is “officially” in review by Apple.

The wait will soon be over my friends.

18 responses to “Capsuleer is coming

  1. this is going to be awesome – I hope apple approve it nice and quick – been dying for something like this for my iPhone – next ccp just need to add evemails to API and an iPhone evemail app would rock (even if read only)

  2. We are always interested in Beta Testers/Pre-Release reviewers.

    If you are interested I can setup an ad hoc distribution build for you. Just let us know.


  3. Its taking them a long time to approve it, I installed EvE tracker app but Capsuleer seems to look nicer from what I have seen so far.

  4. im somewhat tempted to stage a sit in in my local apple store till they make someone approve this! absolutely fruitless and pointless, but I must vent frustration at it somehow! lol

  5. Apparently the folks at Apple don’t understand the following instructions:

    To Add Accounts/Characters:
    Using an HTML Email application on your PC or MAC, email your phone the following hyperlink:


    The didn’t get the LINK part, so when they sent just the text, it did nothing. Therefore, it’s classified as not working as marketed.

    So now we are rewording it, and looking at maybe having the iPhone send you the phone with a link already in it you just have to modify.

    One silly little stupid thing, and now more delays.

  6. I have seen the current app I am using, EVE Tracker, uses an intergratrd browser and then once logged into the API age, there is a button to “copy & paste” to key and id automatically into the line.

    I can’t wait to see this set out in the apps store; looking forward to it!


  7. @Tony – I am going to write an official rant about “scraping” once the product is released. Scraping your data from the browser not only is a HUGE security risk, as they could easily scrape your account username and password, but it completely bypasses the need for an API! Why have an API if you have to go to the page anyway?!! It angers me so. Not directed at you, just at users in general who need to be MUCH more careful with their private information.

  8. Absolutely. We’re current on day 5 of being “In Review”. It typically takes 10 days for Apple to approve or reject an app, so hopefully we’ll here back soon if they like our new wording.

  9. Lets hope Apple aren’t a bunch of Jita n00bs this time and approve it 🙂 – I can’t wait to see future developments on this – like the possibility of a skill planner aswell as the tracker. Another thing I would love to see would be a nice ship fitter like EFT on iPhone – but that’s a completely different project 🙂 – anyway good luck with Apple this time and I eagerly anticipate this appearing on appstore (I search for it every morning lol)

  10. It’s released! I already have it and its great!! Lovin it, can’t wait to see what you add… maybe wallet and POS stuff?

  11. You realize that the instructions you give in this forum, and the instructions given in the capsuleer interface itself are different?


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