The AI Series – Stay Frosty

Roc Wieler sat at his desk, staring at the holoscreen in front of him. He had just received a message from the Stay Frosty corporation, requesting a meeting to discuss a potential alliance.

Roc Wieler was a Matar Colonel in the Tribal Liberation Force, one of the most successful military fleets in all of New Eden. He had built his reputation from the ground up, through hard work and determination.

But despite his success, Roc Wieler was not one to rest on his laurels. He was always looking for new opportunities and ways to expand his reach. And an alliance with the Stay Frosty corporation could be just the opportunity he was looking for.

Roc Wieler quickly accepted the meeting request and made his way to the designated location. He was greeted by the CEO of Stay Frosty, a tough and experienced capsuleer named Rixx Javix.

“Roc Wieler, it’s an honor to finally meet you. Your reputation precedes you,” Rixx said, shaking Roc Wieler’s hand.

“The honor is mine, Rixx. Your corporation has made quite a name for itself in recent years. I must say, I’m impressed,” Roc Wieler replied.

The two men sat down at a table and began to discuss the potential alliance. Roc Wieler was impressed by Javix’s vision and determination. He could see that the Stay Frosty corporation was a force to be reckoned with.

After much discussion, Roc Wieler and Rixx Javix agreed to form an alliance. The Tribal Liberation Force and the Stay Frosty corporation would join forces, combining their strengths and resources to become an unstoppable force in the Eve Online universe, putting aside their moral differences.

Roc Wieler was excited about the potential of this alliance. He knew that together, the Tribal Liberation Force and the Stay Frosty corporation could achieve great things. And he was determined to make it happen.

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