Already Yours


I couldn’t believe she was in my arms. It had been so long since my heart had raced this way. I could barely breathe. It was like the dream I had dreamt a thousand times had come true. I breathed in her scent deeply. My heart pounded even more with intense desire. My hand ran through her long, red locks. I was terrified to look away from her piercing eyes; scared that she might vanish if I didn’t hold her gaze. She must’ve been a figment of my imagination, a fantasy. This really couldn’t be happening. No man deserved to be that lucky in life, immortal or not.

She interlocked her fingers in mine. An electric pulse ran up my arm, sending shivers with it. She jumped up and wrapped her legs around me. I sat down and felt her heat against me. Her eyes were glazed over. She wanted me. I had wanted her for so long. Wanted this moment, wanted to feel her again, want her to know how much I missed her, had missed us. Gently, timidly, I moved in and kissed her. It was new, but so familiar. It was the lips that had stolen my heart so long ago. I turned her to the side and laid her on her back, her legs still around me, moving myself on top of her. my hands began to explore her body, rediscovering her. She moaned gently, finding my touch ticklish in places. I smiled as she did and knew this was the happiest moment I had experienced in a very long while, if ever at all.

To be here, with her; there are not words enough to describe the joy I felt.

I opened my mouth to speak but she kissed me instead, pulling me close, grinding our hips together. Suddenly I found no more need for words. Our clothes ended up on the floor. Hours passed.

We laid naked, intertwined. With my head on her chest, I could hear her heart beat rapidly. She held my hand, the other arm wrapped over my broad shoulders. We were covered in sweat and our mixed smell permeated the small quarters of her ship. I didn’t want this shared moment of intimacy to ever end.

“You are so mine.” I whispered, trying to sound confident and cocky. She laughed at me lightly. I looked up into her eyes, confused.

“You don’t have to say it. I’m already yours.” she replied, shaking her head like it was the most obvious thing in the universe.

It was that moment that I remembered why I had fallen for her. Her grace, her charm, her beauty. All of these things didn’t matter in the end. It was her intelligence, her mind and quick wit that would always keeps me coming back for more.

I was falling for her all over again despite the trouble I knew she would be.

Oso Mayor


I was in my early teens again. All my relatives were there, just like when we grew up. Every cousin, every aunt and uncle, my dead grandmother was even present. We were at the cottage they had built that later had become their home.

My heart was smiling. I can’t remember the last time I truly smiled. Not since she … Continue reading


Maybe I’m scared because you mean more to me than any other person. You are everything I think about, everything I need, everything I want.

And people say Minmatar can’t be romantic, I thought to myself, as I finished composing my note while on the shitter.