Blog Banter 55: Infamous

Last Blog Banter we talked about heroes in EVE Online. The followup to that topic has been provided by Wilhelm aka The Ancient Gaming Noob:

“Write about somebody who is “space famous” and why you hate/admire them, somebody who isn’t space famous but you think should be or will be, or discuss space fame in general, what it means, and how people end up so famous.”

I’d like to add another take on the subject, is there a cost of being famous in EVE and if so, is it worth the price?

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True Story, Bro

Band of Brothers, as told by the Mittani. No bias there. I thought to myself. Just the same, reading the publicly released briefing of the incidents leading up to the betrayal and eventual downfall of Band of Brothers made for a good read.

True Stories they had called it. Regardless of how much was true it reminded me of a simple truth I did know – we all had a story to tell. I looked at the name of the writer who wrote the report. Maybe it was time to tell mine.

I’m still amazed


Fit Fleet Monday, time once again to share as Marcus.

There I am at a family event, trying to eat healthy, or “clean” as is the trendy term nowadays. I’m fortunate in that my family has long since given up trying to convince me that one cheat meal is ok, just indulge, or how I eat is good enough. No, they are fully supportive, realizing my willpower has outlasted theirs. In fact, some of my friends and famly have even changed the foods they prepare at family events, making healthier dishes which I feel fantastic about. Continue reading