Day 3

I’d love to tell you this is a romantic story about a man missing a woman, sitting down to savour a soothing cup of cocoa she had bought him before her departure, and that as he wrapped himself inside a blanket, bundled up contently on the couch in their quarters to stay warm during one of the station’s frequent malfunctions, he sipped gently on the frothy liquid, smiling at the little things she did for him. Continue reading

The Beauty of Music

Beyond the rich lore of the Star Wars universe. Beyond the stunning visuals that take us all to a galaxy far, far away. Beyond your vision. The music lives.

Close your eyes. Listen. Feel. Have shivers yet? It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of science fiction or Star Wars. Really hear the emotion being conveyed. This is the beauty of music.

This is what inspires. This is what can make the ordinary extraordinary. Music. Well scored, appropriate, awe inspiring music.

In all my years of producing soundtracks, this is what I can only hope to achieve one day. To have someone sit back, write a post, with shivers up and down their spine, transported to an emotional place only they can experience. To feel the beauty.

Music is emotion.