The Healthiest Recipe in the Universe

I am so sick and tired of seeing “The healthiest” recipes all over social media. These beautifully crafted videos show gorgeous foods being thrown together into culinary masterpieces, and often times, they even start with good intentions. “Get your range free, gluten free, chicken free chickens, raised locally without any food at all to keep the additives to a minimum!”, but from there they quickly, and inevitably, all lead to the same steps in the recipe: Continue reading

The Struggle is Real

She’d been saying it for years. I had just never listened. I could already see her “I told you so” dance and wicked smile of victory when I finally would get the chance to share the news, but the two of us had been slowly losing contact. Not in a negative “Oh no Roc! What about true love? Don’t lose her!” kind of way; rather more in a “Yes it’s good to be busy but when I can come up for air?” kind of way. Continue reading