One More Night of Roc – The Album

A while back, this happened. Through best intentions and poor communications on my end, I was unable to meet at the proposed time (stupid timezones). I felt horrible. I still feel horrible.

This makes me feel a little less horrible. Hopefully now all is forgiven.


  • 11 brand new tracks
  • special guest vocalists
  • special pre-order track available for immediate download
  • autographed body parts available upon request*
  • BUY NOW from Amazon or your other favourite online music distributor
*please note you will be responsible to cover all travel, accommodation, food, gym and shopping expenses

One response to “One More Night of Roc – The Album

  1. Going by the Amazon 30-second previews only, I think the non-voice tracks are the most appealing to me ( but then again, I may have strange tastes). I’m looking forward to the full album!

    (To give some context: “A Jita Welcome” is an definite favorite of mine. It is .. driven… but I prefer to live happily knowing that you’re not stuck in any particular phase. I hope that makes some kind of sense.)

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