One More Night of Roc

1a4108_fe7cf0933b91466ba1414dc98fa4e78bMr. Wieler,

I’ve recently bought a large, mobile entertainment facility in the Taff system located in Metropolis. I’m upgrading it and plan on opening the doors soon. However, I’m lacking for something truly inspiring to get people in the door.

Then I thought…Roc Wieler.

I understand you’ve currently retired to a remote and undisclosed location, but I was hoping I could perhaps persuade you to return for a one night engagement? If it’s simply a matter of getting a license extension, I’d happily pay it. Of course, I’d be happy to negotiate an appearance fee as well along with all the amenities.

If it’s simply not possible for you to return, I am having a modified Duvolle Labs solid light holo-projection system installed in the club. I could simply send the necessary equipment and it’d be like you were really there.

Bottom line is that your live Jita album has been in constant rotation for me since I’ve come back. I can’t imagine anything in this cluster that would get people’s attention more than a night with Roc.

Please consider it, and if you’d like to talk more detail you can reach me through the provided address or on the GalNet at Ground Zero Sum.

Have a wonderful day, Mr. Wieler.


Visian Mu’artarkan

I could tell from the numerous routing backtraces that Mr. Mu’artarkan had gone to great lengths and expense to contact me. I thought to Aura to do a quick history check on Visian before remembering that I hadn’t been connected in many months. I turned in my chair and spun a monitor towards me. Within minutes I had the high level information I needed:

  • former Minmatar military
  • Former affiliations: Ushra’Khan operative (Loyalist)
  • murdered 2 million Amarrian colonists
  • Convicted of Mass Murder by the Royal Amarrian Judiciary. Sentenced to death CY 109 by the Amarrian Auxillary corps.
  • clone reboot in YC 115

It was rare to hear of a reboot, a way to forget our pasts. Mine still haunted me most days but time heals. I leaned back, my chair squeaking and straining, threatening to topple, as I sighed heavily. Twice within one week New Eden had been calling to me directly. I fell forward, elbows on knees, hands on face. I didn’t know what to do.

Screw it. Do it. a little voice kept nagging from the back of my mind. Maybe one last engagement. One last appearance. One more night of Roc.

I typed away at the keyboard, hit the send command, then walked away, my heart pounding. You could never go back. That lesson had been made repeatedly clear to me recently. Sometimes though, going forward was an even greater adventure.

A single line glowed on the monitor. It read:

It’s a date. – Roc

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