OOC: Hellcat

We both wish I was talking about Mynxee, the most famous Hellcat to date. God I miss that woman sometimes… veer to the left!

I’ve always been a Mustang guy. Proudly owned them, pampered them, drove them excessively; all the good things in life until that fateful accident where I totalled myself. And the car.

Since then I’ve stayed clear of sports cars, Mustangs in particular. No, I don’t blame the car. I actually blame the transport truck driver that didn’t stop at the scene of the accident, leaving me wandering in a state of shock around a busy superhighway, but that’s another story.

Today we’re here to talk about the 2015 Mustang.

You had me at 444 horsepower. This is the sexiest Mustang to hit the roads in years. I cannot stop drooling over it. Then, through random algorithms of the Internet, something else happened, something even more wonderful – The Dodge Challenger Hellcat.


What is this wondrous beast you wonder? Well it’s 707 freaking horses! It’s almost like when Chevy supercharged their Camaro, and when Ford said “Here’s our new Mustang to drool over”, Dodge said “Wait til your manbits catch wind of this!” And they were right. You have my full attention.

Did I mention 707 horsepower already? Yes, yes I did. Did I mention it can go from zero to quarter mile in 10.8 seconds? My manbits are still rejoicing.

It’s that same great feeling that Mynxee gave …

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