Happily Ever After


Are you about to meet up in RL for the first time?

TV Documentary makers for Sky TV are looking for couples who are about to meet up in real life for the first time..

We are hoping to demystify MMORPG relationships for a wider audience and show that relationships that form in-game, can indeed be genuine relationships that can move into the real world very successfully! If you are interested in finding out more, please email Michael Nuvoletta.

It almost looks like spam and I nearly deleted it from my inbox. Fortunately, I’m a sucker for the heart as we all know, so gave it a read. Initially I thought it had to have been a mistake, I mean, it’s not like I was exactly famous anymore. Why reach out to me for help? And even if I had still maintained any celebrity, why me? I was joking earlier when I said I’m known for matters of the heart. I’m that gruff old retired colonel turned freedom fighter that seemed to have disappeared into obscurity. What possible help could I have been?

Then I thought about Sindel and Bagehi, and how something like this would’ve been wonderful for them. Or that couple that got married at Fanfest last year. The fact that Sky TV is doing this sort of documentary tells me that lasting online relationships crossing the threshold into healthy offline romances are not as uncommon as we might think.

Hell, even ol’ Roc did ok with some of the various dating sites back in the day, though sadly I think I set the bar for “those” guys you want to stay away from.

But who knows? Maybe this post will help out a couple that is about to meet for the first time. Maybe it is just the kind of thing they need. So if you know anyone that might be interested, pass this post along. At least pass along the email address of Mr. Nuvoletta.

Do your part for love.

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