Seldon Crisis


It wasn’t too long ago I was sitting at my desk, playing another game (more on that tomorrow), when I got the Skype call from a team of current and former Eve players unhappy with the way things have been handled by CCP for the last number of years. With morbid curiousity, I accepted the call, ready to roll my eyes a lot and argue as one of the few non-bitter vets I know that Eve is still a wondrous game. Of course, I haven’t logged into Eve Online in almost a month, so perhaps my views had changed.

Sorry about that, just logged into Eve to get Roc training on something. First time in his entire life he’s had an empty queue. Not good.

Back to the Skype call. Turns out this group had some compelling arguments. Regardless I told them I am loyal to Eve, as I have made real friendships with both players and staff. I know Hilmar. I like Hilmar. Then Hilmar had to fire my viking brother Petur. That broke my heart as I’m sure it broke his. Petur has been with CCP since the beginning. He’s been more than a friend to me. I hope we stay in touch. I know losing Petur hurt many others at CCP as well.

What it boiled down to was this – this group has been working on their own game, much like Eve, but based on all the promises we were given over the years that never materialized – the things presented at Fanfests as teasers of things to come that never happened.

And they want me to compose the music for it …

I’ve talked with CCP on and off over the years about combining our energies to make Eve Online better. There was the Capsuleer iPhone app (notice nothing has really come close to its level of UI ease and sexiness?) and I’ve even done up an audition album called New Eden Soundtrack to show them that I get how the music of Eve should be. Some good things came of this, but nothing lasting ever came to pass.

They had some ingame footage they showed me. I was impressed. It was far more developed than I anticipated. They showed me their organizational structure as a business. I could see many talented individuals were involved, including one of my own friends and mentors in 3D, Psycho of EVE Outtakes.

I was wary. I have a lot on my plate right now, what with trying to get my drone business “off the ground” and all. I made it clear I don’t have much free time, so milestones would have to be flexible. They were agreeable. I told them I want full creative control over music. Agreed. I said I want to be able to release a soundtrack album for the game. Agreed. I had no more arguments. I was in.

Today, they put up a page on the game website briefly describing my role.

It’s the same music as used in the first video showcasing the Seldon Crisis game:

I’m excited. Learn more about Seldon Crisis.

station outside

7 responses to “Seldon Crisis

  1. Sounds exciting, please keep us informed.
    The comparison to EVE is of course quickly made, the site even mentions they have no stargates, but I look forward to the results of the kickstarter to see if it actually comes off the ground.
    And congratulations on getting on board.

  2. Oh wow, as a huge Asimov and Foundation fan, I do not have the words to describe how excited I am for this project. Good luck. Remember, ‘violence is the last resort of the incompetent’. But competence is over-rated in the face of overwhelming firepower, whatever Salvor Hardin says. 😉

  3. Right now it looks too much like EVE, Asimov background notwithstanding. I hope they grow into a more unique style, including the game play (look, someone ganking a mining barge! where’d they get that idea?).

    I really hope they ditch the frigate->destroyer->cruiser->BC->BS->capital progression. IMO that’s one of the biggest mistakes CCP made–too themepark-y, and it contradicts their own lore about old cruisers being retired to serve as instructional ships. I don’t think they can ever get that horse back in the barn.

    That said, I always appreciate people who go for the brass ring, so best of luck and god speed, and I’ll keep an eye on it. Oh, and the soundtrack to the Hari Seldon video is perfect.

  4. Finally I got around to actually watch the HSC promo video, and I was immediately taken by the music – before I remember that it was your track. I wish I knew more about the game itself (I signed up for the newsletter), but as Rixx so nicely put it: at least the music will be kick-ass.

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