How long does one dream?

For years, I’ve had creative ideas. We all do. I’ve attempted mine here and there; some successfully, some not so much. One dream I’ve had for a long time is bringing Roc to life. I’m not talking about my own attempts at fitness and bodybuilding. I’m talking about the 3D character I recreate every year as technologies change.

That there is the obstacle. By the time I learn and apply the newest technology, it’s old. I learned two years ago to simply go with what I know instead of always worrying about the latest and greatest. You may have seen a couple of my previous attempts when I did a small video test for the first Fanfest I attended, and you may get a chuckle remembering my motion capture dance video to Staying Alive.

Well, I’ve been working on something else. It’s a step towards being able to do real-time 3D video chats as Roc Wieler. To me, that’s exciting.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you guessing what I’m up to with a sneak peek below.


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