Lesson 105 – Submasks

It seems by the time anyone updates their tutorial videos for how to extract EVE Online assets from the game using tools like TriExporter, CCP goes and changes how it’s done!

Nevertheless, we move forward! 

This quick lesson will show you how to make use of submasks in C4D.





10 responses to “Lesson 105 – Submasks

  1. hi,

    i try to do the same on a drake model – extracted the “2nd Submask” (red channel from _pgs.dds file), saved as .png

    In C4D i made a new material, selected “Alpha” and then the extracted texture. I inverted it, like you showed in the vid – but no turret-mounting-points are showing, when apply this new material to the object. It´s just all white…

    When i switch off “Alpha-Picture” in the material, then i get something visible in the material-preview – but still no turret-points…

    Any suggestions?!

      • Maybe it is the simple fact, that the Drake submask just got no turretpoints on it?

        Or i made a mistake, when extracting from dds… But it guess, the First is True 😉

        Did you know, how to “read”/use the coords from .json aka .black file?

        I want to place turrets the way, they are meant to be – but i got no exact references right now.

    • Turns out you’ll have to use tha .black file, which currently can’t be read easily.

      Not all ships have the turret map.

      My advice? Eyeball it. The turrets are to scale at least.


  2. Thank you very much for these exiting tutorials. Unfortunately the link leading to Black2Jason link is dead – is there any chance you could fix it please?

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