Pop Roc

Colonel Wieler,

I’m a huge fan of your music, especially the production quality and layers in your soundtracks. One Night of Roc was alright but I found the fake guitars a little fake (not that I could do better). I’ve recently wondered if you’ve ever tried other genres like dubstep, minimal tech/house, country, rap, or pop music? Soundtracks are great but it would be nice to hear what else you can do.

– Pop Rock

Firstly, I see what you did there with your signature.

Secondly, thanks for being a fan. I enjoy composing music. I enjoy it even more when someone else appreciates it.

I enjoy soundtracks primarily because creating emotionally evocative music that allows the listener to envision their own story is a powerful thing to me. Everyone should be their own hero. I think that is why most “pop songs” are about relationships – we’ve all had them and they’ve all gone good and bad. Having a common connection with your audience is marketable.

Let me quickly consult my pop music checklist here …

  • basic 4/4 beat
  • repetitive lyrics akin to children’s nursery rhymes
  • fully voiced woman for the chorus
  • very few chords employed so as to not confuse the performing musicians

Ok, I got it. I spent a few hours last night/this morning and have this for you. Listen for it on your local station hub channel.

6 responses to “Pop Roc

  1. Umm, more soundtracks please..
    Digging your heroic music a lot. I had a chance to sample some Star Wars tracks on sound cloud and it was awesome too. I am a big fan btw 😛

    • I’m actually releasing the Fandom album right before Fanfest, which is another live rock concert. Don’t worry, I have a new keyboard and a new VST guitar. Much better than last outing, though that wasn’t really that bad, was it?

      After that I will be working on Prequel, a classical movie soundtrack. The story? Roc as an Amarr slave child. Already started production. Very emotional thus far.

      Thanks for being a fan and for posting.

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