OOC: Resolve

New Year’s is rapidly approaching us, that dreaded time of sincere pledges and failed follow-ups. We’ve all had our share of setbacks even when we put out our fullest intentions to commit. Remember the Year of the Rifter? Neither does anyone else. 

Let’s do it right this time. Let’s seriously evaluate ourselves individually, knowing our own strengths and weaknesses more than anyone else ever will. Let’s not make “pie in the sky” resolutions – that only sets us up to fail. Think about something tangible, something you know you could accomplish in under 12 months, and commit to it.


You were here in 2012 and followed along as I really focused on my own body metamorphosis. I’m closer to my own goals than I’ve ever been. The scary part for me is that this is all been warm up to what comes next. I’ve needed to educate myself, discipline my body, teach it what it needs to get through so that it will survive the final push towards the 10th Anniversary Fanfest at the end of April.

I’ve proven myself. I’ve gotten noticed. As a result, I’m fortunate enough to be able to share this post today, and am terribly excited and terrified to do so as it makes me publicly accountable once again.

As of Jan 2 I will be training with not one, not two, but with three world class members of the fitness and bodybuilding industry.


They call him “King Wong” for a reason. Standing at an impressive 6’2″, weighing in at 275 lbs with less than 10% body fat, Chris Wong is the biggest damn asian I’ve ever met. He is also 47 years old. He recently placed in the finals for the US Bodybuilding Super Heavy Weight Division, runs his own gym, and is my next door neighbour. That’s right, this behemoth lives right beside me, and is the sweetest man you’ll ever meet. Please don’t tell him I said that or he may very well eat me.





Steve McGeachy, my original trainer, the first that believed in me enough to tolerate all my questions, to not give up on me when I would give up on myself, to motivate me to push harder and to do whatever it takes. I should say he’s the second actually. Now that I read what I wrote, my wife was, and is, the first to always believe in all I do.

A lot has changed in our lives since last we trained together. Steve has gone on to run a gym with another fantastic trainer, where they both specialize in pro-athlete and team training. He has learned so much in such few short years, and combined with my own personal growth and commitment to success, Steve is willing to take me on again as a client, his very first client, coming back for more, for free.





Finally, I will be working with a world-renowned nutritionist who caters to Hollywood celebs and top professional athletes. I do not know her name. I have yet to meet her. It actually came about at a Christmas party where a woman I know through my duties as president of our condominium board of directors was amazed at my transformation. Being an amateur competitor herself, she insisted that she get me in touch with her friend to help me reach the next level in my journey.

I am hopeful that actual meeting will occur early in January once the holiday season has died down.


Don’t worry. I have no interest in being a bodybuilder. Too much effort, too much to maintain. I do aim to gain some thickness, increase my definition, hone my nutrition and really push hard for all I am worth until Fanfest. Once that has passed, I’m honestly happy with where I am. I think I’m at a good place for maintenance and will do so once I’ve conquered this goal.

I have the desire. I have the drive. I have the help.

Make your goal. Stick with it. I’m here with you every step of the way.

Happy New Year!

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