Self-Entitlement, snowflake

I’m not often one to repost other articles, but this particular piece almost sounded like one of my rants, so I am compelled to share.

Go read this:


Finished? Ok.

It’s not even the part about EVE that got my ranting juices flowing, though that is how it ended up in my Zite magazine. It’s the clear facts that so many of us agree with, especially as mature EVE players (we are mature, right?). I’m not going to paraphrase the article, as I would pretty much end up quoting the whole damn thing.

So, the highlights for me:

That particular mixture of naivety and self-absorption is the principle feature of an X-Factor generation, regularly flattered into thinking their views are of vital importance by cheap marketing initiatives… You are worth it, you beautiful snowflake.

People appear offended that anyone else has the temerity to exist on their internet.

Like these things, that demand is part of an unseemly wail of self-righteousness issuing from the feed-me-more generation, unabashed by its over-consumption and tutored by the media in narcissism.

So yeah, nothing more for me to say than has already been said, snowflake.

10 responses to “Self-Entitlement, snowflake

  1. I understand why you decided to not paraphrase the article, but can you please expand on what you are runting about? Are you upset about snowflakes’ view of entitlement? Or are you upset about Valve’s unfinished games that snowflakes want to play? There was nothing in the article that did not sound correct, but it seems to be the way of things nowdays, so nothing to get upset about.
    What is the difference between one dev promise to finish Half Life and another dev doing nothing about EvE FIS for 2 years? Both inactions produced outrage on the behalf of the players, and is CCP’s “internet spaceships” more serious business than Valve’s flagship title? I would treat them the same and it will be dev’s loss of business not “snowflakes”.

    • I become full of ire at the self-entitlement of this generation that thinks they are owed something in everything. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but most GenX kids have too big a chip on their shoulder to actually get out and see how the real world works. That’s the biggest takeaway for me.

      As for regular game devs vs MMO game devs, that wasn’t really what I was referring to, but as the article said, it’s a different dynamic. MMOs do need to have a good working relationship with their playerbase as subscriptions pay the bills, and the game is always changing. It’s a constant investment on both ends.

      Single player titles do not follow that same equation. I make it. You buy it. My obligation is finished. Anything else I do is my choice regardless of how much you want something. That’s really it in a nutshell.

      Also, never played Half Life or Half Life 2, so not upset about the whole Half Life 3 thing.

      • GenX kids? I think that generation, children of the Baby Boomers and generally considered to be born from ’64 to ’82 or so, are all now 30 to 48 years old. We aren’t kids any more! (I am at the top end of that age range.)

        I think you should look at GenY (the Millennials) if you’re going to get cranky about a generation that counts as kids, or start complaining about self-entitled middle-aged people.

        • Entitlement and narcissism are becoming a key feature of Murrican culture, period — no matter the age group. Sad thing is, with our bullshit “celebreality” shows and all, our love of the entertainment media, etc, our chief export is quickly becoming “Lies, Bullshit, and Ego”…

        • Entitlement and narcissism are aspects of youth culture and have been since the dawn of time, as has the older generation complaining about “kids these days.” It just seems more pronounced to you at this moment in time because you are here living it. But if you study any past generation, you’ll find it there… and you will find people complaining that it has only become a horrible problem at that very moment in time as well.

          Doesn’t mean we should give some kid a dose of reality, it just means that the situation is hardly unique.

  2. Recommended reading: “The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement” by Jean Twenge and Keith Campbell (both PhDs in psychology). Kind of dry, but it’s pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about Special Snowflake Syndrome.
    Most of what I write anymore is aimed directly at the “speshul snowieflake” (emphasis on flake) type personage… Incursions are a prime example of this. Jester’s posts on Incursions and nerfing them are probably his most-commented posts ever, 99% of them basically saying “Hey, it’s OURS leave it the fuck ALONE! MAAAIII….PRECIOUSSSS!!!”
    Now, granted, Incursions haven’t even been around for :18months: but newbears and bittervets alike act like they’re a God-Given Inalienable Right(tm) and threaten to storm off in a sea of tears and ragequits if anyone should dare touch their beloved PRECIOUSSS… :-/
    And all I hear from that region of space is “make hisec SAFER, like, COMPLETELY safe, so I can rack up my ISK in peace forever…” if that’s not an anthem of the entitled, I don’t know what is.

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