Roc’s Christmas Giveaway

EDIT: Because of my own stupidity in not anticipating the demand for this gift, I will be leaving it available until the end of DEC 25th. Merry Christmas.

No CCP OhWell, it isn’t a poster sized autographed nude Roc Wieler calendar, but there is always next year if you’re a good girl.

No Tiger Lily Fenix, it isn’t free Aurum or PLEX.

No Jack Carrigan, it isn’t kick ass contests giving away hundreds of millions of ISK, ships, items or swag.

No AideronRobotics, it’s not a kick in the nuts.

Geez, you’re really making me sound pathetic with what I have planned here, so shut the hell up already!

Merry Christmas New Eden

For today, and today only, Today and tomorrow only, you can click on the links below to download the following gifts, from me to you:

  • Bio, my original EVE soundtrack – FREE   MIRROR2   RAPIDSHARE 
  • One Night of Roc, the soldout Jita concert – FREE   MIRROR2   RAPIDSHARE 
  • Mendre, the premiere Gallente nightclub grand opening – FREE   MIRROR2   RAPIDSHARE 
  • YC 113, my opus to New Eden – FREE   MIRROR2   RAPIDSHARE 
  • Christmas in New Eden, a private album, made for a very special lady in my life as a Christmas gift this year, but you’re getting it too! CLICK HERE   MIRROR2   RAPIDSHARE 
  • Mendre: After Hours – Anthems – A sneak peek at my next album! CLICK HERE   MIRROR2   RAPIDSHARE
  • A special thanks to Starfleet Comms, Gavin Phoenix, and TheSylance for hosting these files

To all of my loyal fans over the years that have purchased my albums … thank you. Please understand my motives for doing this:

  1. It’s Christmas
  2. It’s smart marketing
  3. It’s for one day only two days only

I will more than likely never give away my albums again, but after this who knows, they’ll probably end up on torrent sites or something anyway.

Oh, did I mention one day two days only? That’s right!

As of Dec 25th Dec 26th, you will no longer be able to download my albums for free, but don’t worry, they’re still available at your favourite digital retailer, and since I’m known for my big heart and generosity I’ll even leave the Christmas in New Eden album up indefinitely… see? I’m a nice guy.

Again, Merry Christmas. No, not Season’s Greetings. Don’t even get me started, son. I said Christmas. Suck it up.

44 responses to “Roc’s Christmas Giveaway

  1. Aww, Roc, it’s not rocking my world; only the 509 error code! Please let us know when we might see something else. A merry christmas to you and your beloved.

  2. Thanks Roc for this. Have a very Merry Christmas, and Happy 2012. I hope it brings you much peace and joy the rest of year. Like I stated previous, I’ve enjoyed YC113, and it will be great to have a listen to your other stuff. I’ll keep an eye out for the next Mendre album.

  3. Thanks roc! I bought Night of Roc, Mendre, and Bio but having lost my job recently I couldn’t pay for your new album and it made me sad. Though I still wish I could buy it to support the great work you do. I’m glad that’ll be able to to listen to it regardless.

    Thanks for the Holiday Cheer and Merry Christmas from a big fan 🙂

  4. Having bought 3 of your 4 albums, I now have the complete set 🙂 I regularly play your music at work and am constantly asked who the artist is, and then point them to your website.

    Merry Christmas and thanks from an Aussie fan.

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