YC 113 Officially Released

YC 113, my fourth EVE Online inspired musical production is finally available for public consumption!

Over one and a half hours of epic orchestral music, woven together to tell many tales of love, hope, tragedy, despair, war, victory, death, as well as anthems for each of the Empires and pirate factions!

Get it now!

What are people saying?

“Roc Wieler gets better and better each time. I’m talking about the music, of course. ;)” – Katie Sae

“YC113 is an enjoyable journey of space and time through the eyes of Roc Wieler.” – Noise

“Cinematic and emotive…stellar in scope and transcends New Eden like any good Scifi transcends its own setting.” – Ender Black

“Hot and sweaty with a slightly octarine aftertaste. Good for removing curry stains.” – Freebooted



My music is also carried by 28 other digital distributors. Don’t like iTunes or Amazon? Chances are you’ll find Roc Wieler by doing a search at your favourite music site.

Want to hear more of my music?




I’m going to do something a little differently this time. In addition to my own marketing efforts, I’m going to ask if my fans will spread the good word!

Rixx Javix has made this nice badge that can easily go on your website:

Use the link below as the badge hyperlink please!


10 responses to “YC 113 Officially Released

  1. Purchased, downloaded and listening to. Also, on my blog, I’ve established the new image and link as requested. 🙂 Great work Roc, really enjoying it. My favorites so far are New Eden, State (I am Caldari after all 😉 ), Empire, New Eden’s Favoured Son, Between Life & Death… still listening, I’m sure there’ll be more.

  2. It always amazes me the wide variety of music you can put out nothing to say of it’s amazing quality. Would love to read a blog about its composition and production techniques 🙂

  3. You know, I still follow you in RSS.

    Even though I don’t play EvE anymore. Even though I don’t fly spaceships.

    I got caught up in the mythos, the stories, the atmosphere of EvE. I still love it for that. The deep vastness of space, the open black ocean of the universe.

    Couple that with music that harkens to a different time and place and million worlds away, and I’m hooked.

    I’ll give you my review after I listen completely. I bought it purely on samples. What I heard, I have already enjoyed.

    Keep up the good work Roc. You’re my window to the world I no longer live in, so I live vicariously through you.

    I just hope CCP gets their act together and doesn’t destroy the wonderful creation that is EvE.

  4. Roc:

    I just wanted to follow up and let you know I have enjoyed listening to your new album. Up to this point, I hadn’t really listened to anything previous that you had done.

    I am a big fan of sweeping orchestral, ambient, and synth works with choral additions. I like soundtracks a lot. Game soundtracks included. I add yours to this genre, it expands the background story of EvE Online, as does your entire persona.

    The music is very polished and melodic in the places it needs to be. It evokes images of the various races well. I particularly enjoyed the more action oriented pieces, which fit well into the background material (which is floating around in another post on this blog)

    All in all a very good listen and I’ve enjoyed it. It will go on my “listening” shelf (i.e. my mp3 player) alongside Rettic’s EvE compilations and the CCP official soundtrack stuff.

    Thanks for great music Roc.

  5. Also left an Amazon review (basically same as above). Glad you also took the time to offer it in a variety of formats. I’m liking Amazon’s cloud service these days for my music, and this was a perfect medium with which to grab your new album.

  6. I was hoping to purchase and give your music a plug on our Australian-based EVE-Online Show (www.netgameradio.com).. but sadly (on Amazon at least) it is only available to US customers 😦

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