OOC: Eve is dying

We all hear this phrase thrown around the forums, and we usually laugh. Yet I have to stop and wonder, is there any truth to it lately?

I like to consider myself a good writer, one that can put forward his ideas in a succinct and gripping manner. Even if this is true, I also know when to defer to greater writers than myself, and Seleene recently posted something that simply captures it all in a way better than I could express it.


Go read it. Now.

The possibility of no EVE saddens me. It terrifies Roc. One can’t really exist without the other. Sure, I can still blog using that character name, and there is plenty left to tell of the Colonel’s story, but it just wouldn’t be the same. Readers couldn’t simply login and experience the same universe that Roc lives in.

But who knows? Maybe CCP will get their heads out of their asses while it still matters.

Here’s hoping.

7 responses to “OOC: Eve is dying

  1. Much as I try to stay the optimist I have to agree that there are some BIG changes that have to be made for eve to stay afloat. hell half of the reason that I keep floating around in high-low sec instead of venturing out into WH or 0.0 is simply because of how broken the mechanics are. hopefully CCP will wake up and smell the bacon cuz the fire thats cooking it right now is their own game.

    Course we’ve all seen how good they are at putting out fires. Malkalen station i’m looking at you.

    • I still enjoy Eve as well, casually, and in limited ways. I enjoy the market currently. I yearn for meaningful factional warfare, and balanced engagement mechanics. A man can only take so much ganking. I know, I know, gank back. That doesn’t solve any of the underlying issues. In fact, it only continues to support CCP turning a blind eye to the issues with workarounds instead of holding them accountable to excellence.

      Which Eve would you choose? I’ll stand for excellence.

  2. Well, as much as I hate to say it, with their focus on Dust and WoD, they’re going to come to some shocking revelations if EVE does tank. For one, Dust will die with it. And suddenly “OH SHIT WE HAVE TO FIX EVE!”

  3. I feel your pain mate, I really do. Ga’len became a gamer tag for me but the fiction I wrote will always been his life in New Eden. It just won’t work anywhere else.

    You know, the Colonel could have a freak accident with the Jove and time travel himself into a World War II tank on World of Tanks. 😛

    • Appreciate the comment. Roc Wieler is actually the second online incarnation of myself. Interestingly, the first was a badass female smuggler twi’lek, but the core of her and Roc is exactly the same I’ve come to notice. I guess that’s a reflection on me of course. Thankfully, while I’ve used Roc to improve my own physique, I never once had the urge to get fake boobs back when playing a female.

      Wherever I end up next, out of respect for Roc, he won’t be coming with me.

  4. Another option is for CCP to sell Eve to a party that does feel passionate about it, or to split the company. I returned to the game after 4 years of inactivity hoping things were improved, instead especially in 0.0 they’ve become worse.

    With a game this awesome, with this much potential, that’s a sin.

    Have to keep in mind though that where there are this many players there are this many passions and while many agree something has to change what exactly that change would be could be a very sore point. So that in the end not fixing anything is what upsets as few people as possible.

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