21 day challenge

Ok pilots, it’s that time of year again for many of us. You know what I mean, and I’m not talking about Pilot License extension. I’m talking about summer; that sweaty, sticky, sexy time of year where if you got it, you flaunt it, and if you don’t, well, some still do, but probably shouldn’t. It’s embarrassing.

Tired of being in that last group? Would you rather be in that first group that has great self-esteem, self-image, self-enjoyment on a regular basis?

Then you’re going to need to work for it. I dare you.

That’s right, it’s a personal challenge from me to you, 21 days of exercise in a row, to test the limits of your body, the discipline of your mind, and the dedication of your heart.

I guarantee that if you live through it, you’ll thank me.

Only one catch for this: you need a TRX Suspension Trainer (P2 model). Shop around online. They aren’t expensive. I’ve found them from $90 – $250, depending on your locale. Still, that’s only 2 – 3 months at your local gym, and you get to keep this equipment and can use it anywhere, but enough uncommissioned sell for TRX, let’s get our workout on!


Exercise  Reps  Rest  Sets
1A TRX Lunge (w/ Touch and Hop) 16 30 secs 3
1B TRX Inverted Row 16 30 secs 3
2A TRX Balance Lunge to TRX Single Leg Squat  16 30 secs 3
2B TRX Atomic Push-up  16 30 secs 3
3A TRX Y Deltoid Fly  8 30 secs 2
3B TRX Biceps Curl  8 30 secs 2
3C TRX Triceps Extension  8 30 secs 2
3D TRX Body Saw 8 30 secs 2

Do each number group as a circuit, so 1A, followed by 1B, then onto 2A, 2B, etc. It’s straightforward stuff. The only comment I’m going to make is that the guy doing the body saw in the video is lame. One of the core principles of TRX training is the pendulum. For that exercise, the further away you are from the anchor point, the more challenging the exercise. What he’s doing is adding zero difficulty to the exercise, but it’s the best example I could find quickly.


Exercise  Reps  Rest  Sets
1A TRX Hip Extension  8 30 secs 3
1B TRX Single Arm Row  8 30 secs 3
2A TRX Single Leg Squat 8 30 secs 3
2B TRX Push-up  8 30 secs 3
3A TRX Lunge  8 30 secs 2
3B TRX Roll Out  8 30 secs 2
4A TRX Jump Squat  30 secs 30 secs 2
4B TRX Mountain Climber  30 secs 30 secs 2

Do each number group as a circuit, so 1A, followed by 1B, then onto 2A, 2B, etc. It’s straightforward stuff.

So that’s your challenge, and before you start whining about how difficult it is, this would be the beginner level for my TRX classes, so suck it up and get it done.

In the comments section, commit to it. Then each day, come back and reply to your own comment. I want to see how everyone does, and sadly can’t be there with you.

As always, ask me any questions you want about this. I’m happy to help.

Now go show summer who’s boss!

46 responses to “21 day challenge

  1. been attempting these challenges that been setting, might modify this one slightly since I am saving for a holiday. shall keep ya posted roc

  2. Hey Roc,
    I own an anytime fitness in Woodstock Va, and we have a TRX. If anyone in the area wants to come in and use it, we’ll give them a free 21 day pass to use the club.

  3. Nice! I can’t afford the TRX stuff at the moment, but I do have barbells and resistance bands. I’m going to do a 21 day “get me addicted to exercise” run anyway. Commitment is the hardest part, no?

  4. Challenge accepted! I don’t have trx but I can accomplish the same thing with what I have. Time to shed winter!

    • First day done. Feeling a lot better than I thought I would. I’m actually looking forward to tomorrow.

      Bring on the next 20 days.

    • Day 2: Cardio today. Was pretty interesting working out with the aches and pains from day 1, but once I started the endorphines kicked in rather nicely.

      If this is as bad as it gets then I don’t see any problems.

    • Day 4: Lower body work. Puke happened… so a good day.
      Motivation was an issue today though, got any good motivational videos/music/ whatever that can help? Or would it be more of a case of just making it my routine (I was exercising 3 times a week as opposed to everyday for this challenge.)?

      • Congrats on the puke! That tells me you’re giving this your all.

        Vainly, I listen to One Night of Roc a lot while working out. Or trance. If I’m listening to Trance, I put on the LoloBurn iphone app even if I’m not running.

        Another thing I do for motivation is self punishment. I chastise myself for not being where I want to be, for cutting corners, for cheating, for waiting until this long in life to get started. I get angry and critical which causes an emotional and hormonal reaction in me, giving me that extra bit of determination I need to get through my own workouts.

        The key is finding what works for you.

        Some people workout with a partner for motivation. Others workout with attractive members of the opposite sex. Some workout alone. Some meditate while exercising.

        It’s really knowing yourself and how best to get the results you want.

        Keep at it. I’m very proud of you right now.

    • Day 5: Upper body workout+ cardio

      Increased the weight I use for my workout today in an attempt to work that little bit harder. Got to the end of it after reaching and pushing past what I thought were my limits. After that I decided to throw in a cardio workout to try an push it a bit more. Dizziness set in and my legs gave out at the end.

      As an aside, I did find that I was shouting at and generally chastising myself during the workouts. It seems that working myself up into a kind of rage works for me, and given that I exercise at home, probably provides some amusement for the neighbours too. Heh.

      P.S As of tomorrow I’ll be on holiday for 2 weeks with family. I’m not sure if i’ll have internet so might not be able to provide updates. But I’m taking my dumbells with me (we’re driving there) so I’ll still be able to work out while I’m there.

    • Day 6: Lower body work.

      Much like day 4 really, apart from being after 15 hours on the road.

      I’m really starting to see a difference when I look at myself in the mirror, which is giving me more motivation to push harder. Looking forward to the results after 21 days.
      Not only that, I’m really enjoying the challenge now. Thanks for throwing down the gauntlet.

    • Day 7: straight cardio workout

      Day 8: upper body workout

      Day 9: lower body and core.

      Nothing really special to report apart from puke on day 9.

    • Day 10: upper body workout.

      Increased the weight I’m using for this workout. Despite feeling pretty shitty I got it done, with more puking.

      • As much as I want to push you, if you puke a third day in a row, take it easier, or take a day off. Consistently puking isn’t what I mean when I say get fit or die trying.

        Impressive efforts though. Keep at it.

        • Yeah, I was a bit too stubborn to admit I wasn’t feeling right, so decided to go for it anyway. Not the wisest move but there we are.

    • Day 11: legs

      Taking it easier while I’m still feeling ‘under the weather’. Feeling much better than yesterday though, so hope to be back to normal.

      Halfway there.

    • Day 12: Upper body

      Feeling much better today so went at it full bore again. Can’t remember the last time I felt this good.

    • Day 13: legs core

      Day 14: Cardio

      Day 15: upper body. Turned it up another notch today, added another kilo to the weights. Very hard work but got through without any problems ( was exhausted by the end of it though).

      6 days left

    • Day 16: legs and core

      Day 17: upper body

      Today was horrible, and awesome. Felt like my arms didnt have the strength to hold my cup of water by the end of it. Now though? Top of the world.

    • Day 18: lower body and core

      Did more In my workout today than I’ve been able to do before. Good day.

      3 days left. I think I’ll be extending this challenge.

    • Day 19: Upper body

      Much the same as 17.

      Day 20: Legs and core

      Early workout before prepping to go home. All went well though

      Final day tomorrow.

    • Day 21: Cardio

      Final day, got very hot and humid today so working out was quite a bit more difficult than usual. But I got it done.

      21 days in a row, challenge complete.

      I think I’ve changed a lot over the last 21 days, mentally and (mostly) physically.. but all for the better. Body wise I’m not quite where I want to be yet… but I’m a fair way towards it so I’m damned if I’m giving up now. Fitness is a way of life/ state of mind right?

      Thanks for the challenge Roc, its done me a hell of a lot of good.

      • Thank yourself for the challenge. You saw it through. You were consistent. You are the one who has started the change to his life. Your prize? A healthier lifestyle, a longer life, better emotional and physical well being.


        If you need any guidance at all along the way, you let me know. I’m here to help.

    • Remember to stretch the evening you work out, and the evening after!

      And if you have it, glutamine is a great aid to recovery.

      I know you got this so keep it up!

      • An interesting discovery I made during this challenge, in the past one of the biggest things that made it difficult for me was the lack of proper equipment in my home and lack of funds for said equipment or even a gym. and well… pushups get boring after a while.

        My discovery though is that the big glass carboys that I use for brewing make AWESOME improvised dumbells they weigh about 5 lbs on their own and by adding water you can bring them up to around 30lbs and have a conveniently attached handle.

        In the interest of not having shitty beer I wouldn’t recommend doing it while actually brewing anything but I generally have at least one or two sitting around empty between batches, this should be a big help.

        oh and thanks again for your continuing inspiration Roc, your posts never fail to inspire me to keep on pushing.

        • Part of me wants to point out how ironic it is that using brewing equipment to workout seems almost funny, as beer is one of the worst things to drink for those trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

          However, the fact that you’re dedicated enough to use whatever you can find to get a better workout going makes me happy, so well done.

          As for inspiration? Believe it or not, it’s all of you that inspire me to keep at it.

        • The irony was not lost on me either, I also figured out a way to improvise a TRX ish device using my old brown belt and chinup bar haha… oh the joys of being broke as hell.

          also, inspiration is almost always cyclical is it not?

  5. Yesterday was day 4, was probably the hardest day so far with the combined burn from all the previous days hitting me so hard I barely wanted to do anything. pushed through it though and went for a jog and some heavy streaching. was completely worth it since today I’m feeling 10x better.

    • Day 5 went fairly well did an upper body workout, then yesterday I decided to push myself and go for a long distance run/jog (being a smoker doesn’t help although thats one of the other things i’m trying to change with this challenge yesterday was day 1 of that particular struggle) ran/jogged around the sea wall. was hard as hell and I ended up puking before the end but I got it done. Found a local gym that has decent monthly membership rates and a free trial so I’m going to go check that out today.

      • well today was interesting, looks like a 6 hour workout was pushing myself a bit TOO far for the shape I’m in right now. spent most of today imitating a t-rex lots of growling and an inability to use my arms. got in some stretching and a VERY light workout to get some blood flowing.

        All in all I’m really glad I took up this challenge, feeling better and better every day.

  6. Whelp, I didn’t get a chance to do an update on this but I did complete the 21 day challenge. it was tough but I got er done. Hate to admit it but I fell off the bandwagon a little bit since then, I’d like to blame the general chaos of life but that would be a cop out.

    But hell if at first you don’t succeed… So here I am again 2 months later and doing the challenge again. still no TRX but you make do with what you got.

    Day 1)
    5 sets of 20 pushups (ish…. the last two or three sets may have been broken up a tiny bit)

    5 sets of 20 situps (dear gods did it burn by the end)

    3 chinups… was trying for 5 but just couldn’t do it. will need to work on that.

    curls and bent over one arm rolls.
    30 reps of 10 lbs
    20 reps 15 lbs
    10 reps 20 lbs
    20 reps 15 lbs
    30 reps 10 lbs

    20 reps 25 lbs shoulder shrugs

    20 body weight “TRXesque” tricep extensions (was using that martial arts belt/chinup bar combo I’d jury rigged last time)

    3 sets of 20 squats (had to take it easy since my knee was giving me some problems last night and I didn’t want to hurt myself)

    20 lunges each leg… by the time I was done with those I was physically drained.

    Now for a shower and work. will update tomorow.

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