The Road to CSM

This is being sent to all accepted applicants, so my apologies for the lack of a personal touch. Your application to run as a candidate in the election for the sixth Council of Stellar Management has been accepted, congratulations!

It’s what I’ve been waiting to hear. I am officially a candidate for CSM 6. Go me.

We love you Roc!

Thanks for deciding to support me in the race for CSM 6. I truly appreciate the support of each and every individual whom has taken the time to email me, give a shout in local, post on the EVE Online forums, encourage on Twitter, or comment here.

What can you do to help spread the madness?

  • If you’re on Twitter, #eveonline #tweetfleet #RocTheVote – Chat me up on Twitter @rocwieler. Chat others up on Twitter. Let’s shake the universe.
  • Got Facebook? I have a Campaign Page there too!
  • In a corporation or alliance? – Infect your corporation mates and alliance leaders. Link them to my campaign page at
  • Sitting in station, tired of spinning your ship? – spam local, spam your address book, spam! (don’t really spam, but rather engage people in meaningful conversations as to why they they should #RocTheVote)
  • Need something to Troll? Head over to Jita Park Speakers Corner and bump my visibility. Ask me questions! Challenge all the candidates!

Meh, Roc, whatever

Hey, casting your vote for the CSM is a very important decision and should not be taken lightly. I respect and applaud your hesitancy! Please, look at the links in the section above and feel free to hit me up with questions about the matters that are important to you. I’m doing my very best to educate myself on all the important matters, but at the very least I will acknowledge your question and try to blog a reply.

While I welcome your vote, I want to encourage you to make sure you spend the time to make sure you support the candidate that most represents your wants and needs in New Eden.

Oh screw you Roc

That’s what she said! But seriously, I know not everybody likes me. I’m a big boy. I can handle that. I am going to turn it around on you and ask you to wonder why? Is it a preconceived misconception about my arrogance? Is it jealousy that I get all the ladies, and even more of the men, than you do?

All kidding aside. If you don’t like my views, I respect that. I would ask that you take the time to elaborate as to why. Maybe some of my views are naive. Maybe they’re uneducated or lacking experience. If people don’t take the time to engage in intelligent debate, how am I going to be best equipped to represent all players should I successfully earn a seat on CSM 6?

Take a look at my campaign page if you haven’t already.

Think about it. I look forward to hearing from you.

3 responses to “The Road to CSM

  1. You go, boy! Errr…man. Whatever! Good to hear the official word! And if people want to steal this badge:

    and link it to your campaign thread or site or use it as a forum sig, they should feel free to do so!

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