Campaign Trail – Expertise

Thank you for your interest in my campaign to be part of CSM 6. It is my intention to work diligently, effectively, and tirelessly to bring the concerns of the player base to the CSM, to CCP, and back to the players.

The following is a user submitted request for my stand on a topic important to them. I have given thought to the topic and formulated my opinion, but it’s just that; my opinion. Nothing more. There is no guarantee the opinion expressed herein will ever see the light of day.

My platform isn’t one of issues, but rather one of integrity, tenacity, and the willingness to hold the CSM and CCP accountable to the players that support everything we do. I will not push my own agenda, unless it coincides with what the majority of the player base wants for a given topic.

Never start a fight you can win. #RocTheVote

QUESTION: What expertise do you have ingame, Roc? Why should I vote for you? I know you’re big on community and do a lot outside of the game, but do you even actually play?

I’ve been in EVE Online since Nov 2007. What have I done in that time ingame is as follows:



I’ve run solo missions in high/low/null sec. I’ve done lvl 4 corp missions for grinding out profit. It sucks. I’ve not done a lvl 5 mission to date, though I want to. I’ve done rogue drone hives. I’ve done storyline. I’ve done epic mission arcs.


I’ve enjoyed exploration. I’ve enjoyed wormholes and the challenges that exist in w-space.

Salvage Looter

I’ve salvaged wrecks. I ninja looted nullsec alliance wars early on.

Faction Warfare

I’ve plexed. I’ve done small gang roams through low sec. I’ve ganked. I’ve gate camped. I’ve helped disrupt constellations. I’ve defended. I’ve offended. I’ve led sub-capital fleets of over 100 ships through Amarr and Caldari space. I’ve led small gang fleets extensively. I’ve blobbed. I’ve been blobbed. I’ve used EVE Voice for war fleet coordination.


I’ve solo PVPed. I’ve lead corporate fleets. I’ve participated in nullsec alliance fleets. I’ve fought against the Sansha Nation. I’ve killed. I’ve died. I’ve foolishly flown with +4 implants in my head. I’ve never been caught without an up to date clone.

Market PVP

I have a super secret alt. She makes billions selling only 5 items. I spend less than 20 minutes per day on her. I understand how to profit.

Planetary Interaction

That same alt has 6 self-sustaining P3 setups running. More profit.


I’ve worked extensively with the EVE API, though technically that isn’t an ingame activity.


I’ve suffered at the hands of macros, and been a victim to fraudulent ISK.

Less Experience


I’ve only recently found a data research agent for my alt. It’s quite the trip to make, as she normally doesn’t leave her station, so I’m not certain if this will be beneficial yet to me.


My alt has limited experience in invention and production, but not enough for me to say with confidence that I have mastered this field.

Corporation Management

I’ve never been a Director in a corporation, though I have played with that interface.


I’ve never mined. I never will. I just lost Chribba’s vote.

Covert Ops

While the first ship I trained to was a Rapier, I’ve never gone further than cloaking. I’ve never used a cyno bridge. I do understand the logistics of them.


There are some of you that may at look at this and think “Geez, there is a lot he hasn’t done, especially some of the higher level game stuff. Why would I vote for him?”

The answer is simple really:

  • I have always been one to surround myself with people smarter than myself. If I had to know everything, I would never have the time to do anything. The CSM is a group of intelligent and like-minded individuals. We all want to improve the game, even though we may have conflicting ideas on how to accomplish that.
  • I am open and honest. As I’ve mentioned several times, my campaign isn’t about trying to show you why my opinions are better than another CSM candidate’s opinions. My goal is to work as part of a team, being sensitive to the voice of the people, and standing strong for the issues that simply can no longer be ignored.
  • I am a creative thinker. Not possessing direct experience in a certain game mechanic doesn’t make my ideas invalid, as you will see in coming posts. It’s easy for me to research every angle of an issue, weigh in the arguments, and figure out a logical solution I would then present to the other members of the CSM. Should an idea be shot down? So be it. I will have to come up with another idea, working with the CSM team.

Do I play EVE Online? Yes, I do, though like many of us, not nearly as often as I would like. I also play EVE Offline, as many of you know, and truly believe that the social media aspect of community should not be underestimated.

In the end, you should vote for the representative you most believe will best represent your views. There are some things I have strong views about: EVE API, Faction Warfare, making EVE a more dynamic experience from high sec to null sec, Incarna, Microtransactions, and more.

Want to know my views? Look at my Campaign Trail posts and stay tuned.

6 responses to “Campaign Trail – Expertise

  1. I support this!

    What you have done in EvE is less relevant then the myriad of skills and attitude you would bring to the CSM.. So I was convinced to vote by your first campaign announcement and rundown of what you do in RL etc..

    If I can support #Rocthevote in some way, let me know.


  2. 1 question: Do you know if the candidate matching service will be redone? That was awesome.

    1 comment: I’ll vote for you on GP. I got 4 votes to cast for now you got 2 of the 4.

    Expect a “support” post before too long.

    Best wishes bro.


    • I hope they do the Candidate Matching again as well. I don’t know anything about plans for that at this time.

      Thanks for the votes. Even after all we’ve been through. Uh oh, here comes the political scandal!

      Also, I readily embrace a support post from you. Cheers.

  3. While game knowledge is important, no one is an expert on all things in the game. For example, I have almost no knowledge of null sec sov stuff, and could not contribute much to discussions on that topic which have been active among CSM and CCP since the December Summit. However, I can still engage in those discussions by keeping up with them, ask for clarification of unclear ideas or explanations, and because I don’t have a “side” in that discussion that I am in favor of, hopefully be able to consider others’ opinions equally, playing devil’s advocate as necessary. It can also help discussion stay on track when at least a couple of participants aren’t highly emotionally invested in a topic 🙂 There’s a lot more to being a productive member of the CSM than just having an encyclopedia of game mechanics in your head.

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