Roc’s Social Experiment Contest

The Fall Season is upon us. For some that means the return of their children to the school system. For others it means looking back at fond summer memories; new friends, new experiences. For others still it means three more months until the holiday festivities begin!

For me, it means the upcoming release of my new CD, Mendre, an original club genre effort, available on iTunes this October. It also means time to start promoting!

This time around, I thought I’d try something a little different, social marketing, with a contest.


To enter, follow me on Twitter by clicking HERE, then copy/paste the line below into your feed:

@RocWieler Roc’s Social Experiment Contest! Win a $50 iTunes Gift Card! Follow and RT to enter!


A $50 US (or equivalent value)  iTunes gift card.


You may only enter the contest once.

An active Twitter account is necessary to participate in this contest.

If you already follow Roc Wieler, simply retweet the contest message to enter.

This contest will run until Monday Sept 20th, 12 AM. One winner will be randomly selected from the entrant pool. The winner will be announced Monday Sept 20th. Good luck!


As of 10 PM, EST, Monday June 20th, the winner of Roc’s Social Experiment Contest is @saramina. Send me an email and I will send your iTunes Gift Card code!


While you’re here, why not check out Roc’s existing music works?

BIO – Epic soundtrack inspired by the game Eve Online. CLICK HERE (available soon on iTunes)

ONE NIGHT OF ROC – A “live” rock concert, over one hour in length – CLICK HERE

MENDRE – coming soon to iTunes

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5 responses to “Roc’s Social Experiment Contest

  1. Itunes….. way to limit your field. keep trolling. hopefully you get your stuff out through something other than naziTunes. Or I’ll just pirate you later ;p

    • I list iTunes as it is the largest and most publicly known and trusted distributor. My digital music is actually available through iTunes, Amazon, and about twenty other distributors online, so if you’re interested, just do a search at your preferred digital vendor.


  2. “Listen to samples” doesn’t work, it remains silent and doesn’t even load any player. Would be better to be able to download 30-sec samples in mp3 format, that always work.

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