Tyrannis: Lock and Load

– by Casparian

It’s a god damned backwater, some shitty planet in the nether regions of nowhere but it was now our shitty planet. Corp orders are secure the planet , subdue all native resistance by any means necessary and make secure for mining ops, a walk in the park on some shitty backwater hicksville that no one has ever heard of, sheesh we coulda got a planet closer to Jita, theres one sexy ass dancing girl in Jita I want to blow my pay for this op on, and man she knows how to move her fine ass.
In the drop ship Garz from A company realises hes left his friggin helmet in the hangar and is offering big bucks for anyone willing to sell him theirs , no one is that fricked in the head to take him up on his offer ,even tho this is gonna be a walk in the park. Oh so holy Bish is coming round offering religous comfort for all and sundry , hes still avoiding me, that bastard , he owes me 50 credits from his very own piece of ladyboy ass last week and im guessing hes gambled away whats mine, I will sort that fag out after we get the LZ secured.
Last check of pulse rifles before we go , its sounding quiet at the LZ so there shouldnt be much work for us to do, the cannon fodder has gone in first, so for us it should only be clean up.
Bish went down first , half his chest blown away, jeeeesus, what the fuck is this.were all hitting the deck , one of the newbs is too slow and dissapears in a red cloud, no sound , no shit , just a mushroom cloud of blood and bone,WTF.Chiefys screaming at us to find cover, Nosy and I start scrambling along the ground to a ridge five feet away, man my sphincter is clenched tight.No wonder its so quiet , whatever weapons these backwater shits have they kill silently,I turn round to use Petey boys com set, just as his head dissapears,Oh My Fuckin God, I aint sticking my head up for no friggin man, WTF is going on here, I cant even see no shitting natives to friggin kill, more drop ships are touching down and more fuckin marines are getting wasted in this shit zone.Master chief scuddy from recon is crawling down the line , his friggin amazin advice is ” keep your heads down and dont make any fuckin noise”, no shit sherlock.
Five minutes later someone back at the Orbiting command ship has obviously got the friggin message and the drop ships stop coming, we still dont know whats taking us out, twenty second later we do, some freakin nightmare from hell glides out of the forest , wouldnt of seen it if it hadnt shimmered when it moved , it was almost friggin invisible. I open up with my pulse rifle , I swear I hit the bitch 6 maybe 7 times and it still jumps out of here like its not even touched, I glance behind me and Nosy’s got his god damned head up looking at where I was firing, newb!!.Three lights like a triangle appear on nosys face, Targeting reticules, shit ” Nosy get your fuc……” too late , frickin noob.
Chiefys right next to me pulling me down, ” What the fuck you firing at Durex?”
“who fuckin knows chiefy, some wierd ass thing was right there , could hardly see its ass , only noticed it when it moved as it shimmered like a freakin ripple in the air, and I swear man ,I hit that bitch 6 maybe 7 times on full charge , shoulda dropped it like 3rd grade French but that mother just kept on moving and man was it fast”, Master Chief john Garnet , Chiefy to us in the 2nd, slams his hand across my mouth and pulls me to the side just as a shimmer in the air shoots past destroying half of a tree as it goes, motherf..
” you owe me Durex , dont you forget that now boy” , yeah I owe Chiefy more than I can count from more places than I can remember, hes a frickin hero who never collects, ” yeah Chiefy , I owes ya again”
“WTF is going on here Chiefy” and try as I might I cant hide the fear In my voice
” Looks like the natives aint gonna be a cakewalk Durex, this friggin backwater is looking like a bloody nighmare right now”Chiefy points at a ridge about 10 yards away ” rest of the 2nd are hiding their asses behind that and setting up a perimeter, password is FUBAR , get your ass over there now marine”
Four hours later we got ourselves a safe zone with perimeter patrols out and a command structure set up, we lost almost 70% of the marines who came down on our wave so just 200 or so of us left, Chiefys away with the C.O trying to work out a way of getting us outa this alive and im sat on my ass shitting myself, ten minutes of shitting myself and Chiefy is heading over to whats left of the 2nd and I join him” whats the buzz Chiefy?”
” hold on a mo Durex , I only wanna say this once ” Chiefy raises his voice ” Gather round 2nd, any other fuckers who aint in the second, and are listening to my dulcet tones fuck off and find your own unit, if your units dead welcome to the 2nd”
” OK ladies this is the story on this shit storm we’ve stirred up, were pulling up sticks and getting out of dodge, dont look at me like that boys, we aint running ,some fucking puke back at corp HQ has fucked up big style, this aint even the rock we were meant to take , this here shit hole is on the exemption list and we shouldnt even be here, first off because its full of killing machines and aint safe to colonise, never o guessed that one, and secondly were getting off because if we dont get back to the ships in one hour there gonna fuckin leave us here or CCP will shoot em down for Invading a planet on the exemption list, any questions”
“Wheres the extraction zone Chiefy?”
“you’re sitting on it Durex, in 10 minutes there will be 5 drop ships here and were getting off this puking shit hole, now lets man up and make sure this area is secure for the next 10 minutes unless you ladies want to stay around and get ass raped by the locals”, even though it wasnt funny it got a few laughs
” OK I want men every 5 feet , keep your heads in the grass and your eyes open, when that drop ship lands pull back in order and dont fucking turn and run or I will pop your ass myself, now hold tight and dont fuck this up ladies and we’ll be out of here in 5, you know what to do, now do it!”with that Chiefy turns away and walks off towards the C.O.
Im eating the ground not 10 feet from where Chiefy gave us his pep talk when the drop ships come down, for the first time in 4 hours I start to feel like I might get outa this with my ass in one piece, as soon as the ship hits dirt our sentry line gets up and starts moving back to the doors in order , its then that I notice a shimmering in the air not 10 feet away, I open up with everything the pulse rifle has and I swear it just shrugs it off and turns to stare at me, i’m putting as many rounds into that thing that I can and so is the rest of the 2nd, and it just keeps on coming, were 3 feet away from the drop ship when Manny goes down in a cloud of blood, everyone seems to get hit at the same time, fountains of blood and bone going off up and down the line as more men get popped, just as my feet touch the ramp I feel myself being ripped off my feet and slammed onto the floor, a shimmer shoots where I had stood and ricochets of the drop ship, some damn hand grabs the back of my top and drags me into the hold, throws me across the floor and stands over me in the shade,and from that dark horrible shadow I hear.
” you still fuckin owe me Durex , now get yourself clamped in and redy for evac”
yeah thats fuckin Chiefy and man do I owe him , for more things and more times than I can count.

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