Tyrannis: Benevolence

– by Creetalor

—- Beginning Transmission of—–

>>Public Diary of Markus Onan<<

Logged: 112.05.19 Yoma IV

Saisieni Suuolo,

I remember the first days of the massive expansion well , we heard an Announcements from Concord how planets where having there recourses plundered by thousands upon thousands of ships. The images and video’s reaching us were being broadcast into every corner of New Eden, they where awe inspiring, huge and small ships alike where all orbiting planets like a swarm locust ready to devour everything in their paths.
We sat at home watching everything coming in on our make shift Communications system that we had built after coming to Yoma IV trying to start a new life in one of the more inhospitable planets.
We heard the horror storys of huge structures being shot at the planets surface from space, it made no difference on whom or what they landed on.
Large amounts of troops came down to secure the structures and build further ones such as
huge machines that dug into the landscape, sifting through rubble to find valuable resources, and sending them through transport links to huge warehouses.Their where further stories of people, innocent civilians being executed or just killed ruthlessly for not adhering to the governing body’s request for them to relocate.
We watched the heavens day and night seeing nothing but the stars and moons and our pink star going through the same cycle as it always has done, we thought we had been spared the horror and the torments that we had heard so much about.

Logged 112.05.20 Yoma IV

I had just woken up when I heard a small wizzing at first I thought it was one of the computers overheating again but slowly I came to senses and noticed it was more of a hovering sound something I have not heard for some time , it was the sound of a drone. I woke up moving outside of our small container home seeing something small moving around across the landscape, I took the gun I had brought with me when we settled here in our container home.Through the sight I looked at it all of a sudden it turned the lens looking at me and I felt the like something was looking through me, and giving me the feeling of being so small and insignificant.
All of a sudden it shot straight up into space and disappeared.After what seemed a eternity a ship popped up probably having uncloaked and releasing a huge structure dropping to were the machine had been.The impact shock the ground and as the star started to rise on the horizon the ship became more clear and I saw small drones shooting around the structure moving stuff here and there.I took my gun and started moving towards the structure expecting the worst.
As I reached the structure I felt my blood rushing out of my face and my knee’s shaking.
The drones seemed to finish their work they all retreated through a small doorway in the structure.I was just about to step forward again when I heard a voice. Soft and gentle voice coming from the dark doorway “Saisieni ” as a tall women stepped out of the doorway with long hair and a optical implant over her right eye, she was visibly Achuran .I stepped forward and greeted informally this unknown woman asking for her name she told me its Talor. “Saisieni Talor-Haani” I repeated formally after this she came closer to me walking down the ramp followed by 2 armed men which appeared out of the dark doorway without a sound.

She spoke loud and clear explaining that was part of a large Corporation and was going to start Extracting the minerals under this site and nicely asked me to leave.I explained I had nothing but my family here and I can not leave ,but I said with her here means more will come to the planet, my voice trembled at the thought of more coming and the reports of the brutality flashed through my head.I looked up at her and she returned with a small smile, I think she felt my fear and my worries , but I think she did not smile out of satisfaction of my misery it was a reassuring smile, a smile telling me she understood and feels for me like I thought someone Immortal never could.She told me to head home and remain there and told me not to worry overnight she had some plans to make and would return shortly.

Logged: 112.05.21 Yoma IV

It was close to the middle of the night when I heard a knocking on the steel door, I opened and she was standing in front of me. I welcomed her into my humble home and told my wife to get some water. She came in saying she really needs to start her expansion on the planet but a smirk in her face, reassured me not to panic. She had come to me with a offer ,a offer that would change my small life forever. She gave me to opportunity to either take my family and move on the station and get housing and work, or to take my family with her to the stars ,going where no person has ever settled before and expanding her reach to the untapped planets maybe waiting for more….. Wormhole Space

Logged: 112.05.22 Space Yoma System

I am now headed to a place I have never even dreamed of going or ever reaching and being able to step and build a life in a region dangerous but most fruitful …. a new beginning of a shattered life on a old planet left behind and not ending unwillingly for thanks to Benevolence.

Logging out for now Markus Onan

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