Tyrannis: Heaven & Hell

– by Lord Furio

I was amazed at how well that first capsuleer presented himself. He was a true testament to how quick us mortals are to judge the demigods. If I remember correctly, his name was Phillip Buckley. He kept his alias a secret for reasons unknown and requested that we not ask where he had attained his wealth. Many speculated that he was trying to stay hidden or that he just wanted to leave everything behind and start anew. Nonetheless, his brief time here on Mokonta was greatly appreciated.

When Buckley first contacted our world’s government, he was persistent in insisting that his intentions were pure. Had this man been any other race, our leaders would have held him prisoner for the remainder of his clone’s life. Thankfully, the Gallente are known to be true to their word, and even truer to their allies. A compromise was struck between the capsuleer and our tribe: in return for our resources and loyalty, we would have clean water, healthier food, and access to the best medicines money could buy.

I love reminiscing over those first few years. I can still remember the looks on my wife’s face when she knew I brought home enough food to get us through the cold season. Her face is what keeps me going on days like these… If only we had waited another few months before conceiving a child, she might still be here.

It was the second day of harvest when we lost contact with Buckley. As it turned out, he was a pirate gone good and his mates had finally caught up with him. Buckley had earned our trust and our loyalty, so when his mates offed him and tried claiming our home world for their themselves… we just couldn’t let that happen. The Amarrian enslavement has left our culture scarred, we just never thought that we would experience the same from our so-called “allies.” The war didn’t even last a full season. For every ship we managed to destroy with our planetary defenses, 3 million of our own people were slaughtered by their simplest of guns.

And so ended our age of prosperity… What used to be my future daughters school is a leaking sulfide reactor. I used to look at that spot in envy. My little girl was going to go to school and have a future I could never have dreamed of. I still visit the place every day, wondering, was Buckley a God-send or was this his fault too?

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