Ospei Fruit Bowl


Arrogant, lazy bastards, I thought to myself. The 24th Imperial Crusade changed their rotation at 0600 hours without fail. And without fail, they buggered off early or showed no interest whatsoever in what was happening in their own backyard so close to quitting time.

The Ripsack continued evasive maneuvers, autocannons firing continuously against the Amarr militia ships. My shields were long gone, but thanks to my E5 NOS, I could run an armour repper nonstop. Another explosion, as I hurtled towards the main starbase reactor. The Amarr starbase was still under construction, and I knew if I could blow up the reactor, it would be too costly for them to continue construction; it would be a devastating blow.

All the while, there were over twenty Amarr war targets in the local system. Arrogant, lazy bastards.


I made it back to Huola without incident, my Imperial Navy Slicer really the none worse for wear. I had just spent the last several days deep in enemy territory, striking opportunistically against the Minmatar Republic. They were so very disorganized, so undisciplined. I almost felt dirty with the ease in which I erased so many lives. Almost.

I noticed my Aura unit indicating a lone hostile in Huola, currently engaging an under construction starbase. There were over twenty of my holy brothers and sisters in local; how was this outrage being allowed? I had Aura scan the transponder code of the ship; Ripsack, Rifter class frigate, piloted by Matar Colonel Roc Wieler. I knew that name. Every Amarr did.

I opened comms with the 24th fleet. No response, and I was confident it wouldn’t take Colonel Wieler long to lay waste to our newest starbase. My decision was made. Holy justice would be brought swiftly to this wretched Brutor dog.

I would have to file a dereliction of duty report against my fellow pilots, as procedure dictated. It made me red with anger to see them o lackadaisical;and moreso because I desired an audience for this highly sought after victory.

Huola’s civilian channels would have to suffice. “The Roc Wieler; how very fortunate I am to meet you.” I broadcast across the system.

Only two more defensive turrets to destroy, then I could focus on the starbase reactor and be done with this. Every moment I stayed in hostile enemy space my adrenaline rushed throughout my system. There was a non-stop thrill to being discovered; it kept you on your toes, kept you alive. Still, nothing from the multiple Amarr ships insystem.

Suddenly, a broadcast on the civilian channel. My luck had run out. I needed to stall for time.

“Didn’t know there were any smart Amarr left. Thought we had killed off those few.” I replied, hoping to stir the enemy pilot’s anger.

One more turret exploded.


I was enraged at the audacity this whore spawned, filth ridden, no class slave displayed. How dare he speak to me in such a manner! I would display his corpse proudly in my hangar.

“And I thought Huola had cleansed its system of all filth. Apparently we were both mistaken.” I replied, smiling at my own wit, awaiting his reply, as I sped towards the location Aura had pinpointed him to.

An Imperial Navy Slicer versus a skilled Rifter pilot was always a tricky fight. If it wasn’t for the knowledge that God was by my side, it would be difficult to predict who would prevail in this engagement.

The acceleration gate sped me towards my prey, though I was apprehensive as to why he hadn’t replied.


I wasn’t going to be able to pull this off. In 4 minutes, the entire Amarr militia would be changing shift, and I would no longer be able to pass unnoticed.

I warped away on contact. I wasn’t going to jeopardize the mission engaging an Imperial Navy Slicer; though I was confident I would’ve taken it with this fit.

I hid in a nearby asteroid belt, quickly ascertaining the situation, debating with myself as to what I would do next. Then I received a private comm request from the very Amarr pilot I had just fled from. I accepted.

“You have revealed your true colours, Colonel.” he began.

“Didn’t know strategic had a colour.” I replied. My shield were nearly recharged. I was already heading back towards the starbase. If I was lucky, I could catch the Amarr pilot offguard at close range.

“Clever, but I am surprised one of your renown would flee so quickly and without hesitation. One small frigate frightens you so easily?”

I didn’t respond.


He wasn’t responding. Did the insolent whelp take me for a fool? Obviously he was on his way back with a failed notion to ambush me.

These Brutor were far too predictable.

Oddly, at that very moment, something in me snapped; my perspective changed.

Over twenty of my brethren were docked up around me while a single enemy frigate pilot desperately fought for the freedom of his people. A lone soldier doing what must be done against impossible odds, standing the gap where none other would. All the while, the enemy sits around him, doing nothing. They do not act. They do not resist.

So why was I?

This man was a worthy and passionate opponent, one I wished to face in the future. I would let him have this victory. Perhaps it would have reprecussions to those that allowed it to transpire. Yes, that would be my course of action here.

I warped away from the starbase, my Navy Slicer easily covering the distance to dock at the nearby Imperial Crusade station.

“The stabase is yours.” I said in my private conversation with Matar Colonel Roc Wieler.


I didn’t trust a word that lying sack of Amarr said.

“Guess we’ll find out in about four seconds.” I replied, already slowing down from warp. I was ready to overload everything and pour all my aggressiveness against his Navy Slicer. It would be a good fight, win or lose.

Reverting to normal space, I was surprised, and confused, when the Amarr pilot was indeed nowhere to be found. There was no way he had a cloaking device fit. He wasn’t masking his signature. I was having difficulty accepting this course of action. Why would he do such a thing?

I wanted to respond, to inquire of this pilot, but he had closed our channel. I was alone.


I destroyed the starbase hangar.

Returning to Dal I received many congratulations on a mission well executed, which I accepted halfheartedly. My mind was elsewhere, back in Huola, etching the name of Ospei into my mind; the most intriguing Amarr I had met in a while.

Ospei Fruit Bowl


  • 1 mango
  • 1 avocado
  • 1 papaya
  • 1 orange
  • 1/3 pineapple
  • 1/4 cup of raisins
  • 2 kiwis
  • 2 bananas
  • shredded fresh coconut


  1. Cut fruit into good sized pieces, except avocado, which is cut in small pieces.
  2. Blend banana, orange and raisins until smooth.
  3. Mix well with fruit and sprinkle with fresh shredded coconut

This recipe is dedicated to the Amarr pilot Ospei, whom even though surrounded by a fruit bowl of Amarr pilots, still performed his duty admirably. o7

One response to “Ospei Fruit Bowl

  1. Haha, I love it!

    If only I’d really rp’d it up like that.. only very slight issue is it’s ospie, though this is something most people overlook, I’m ooospe to some, op-sy to others.

    Great read and I had a big stupid grin on my face the whole way through

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