Up Close and Personal

I sat in the dark of my personal quarters onboard my Claymore, Tribal Glory. The ship had been drydocked for months, never seeing the action it was originally intended for. A thick layer dust covered the outer hull, and as I had walked through the hallways inside, the echoing of my boots on the metal flooring reminded me of how lonely the life of a Capsuleer could be sometimes, usually by choice.

I had planned on being a great leader when I bought this ship. I had the ambition to become a fleet commander of great reknown, a hero in the war; and perhaps to some degree I had achieved that, in the past.

It wasn’t melancholy or self-pity, there was no emo need in my thoughts. Rather, just an objective analysis of my path thus far in the hopes of gleaming some insight into what was in store for me next. I wasn’t one to ride the wave of fate; but if you’ve been reading these memoires, history has already told you that.

If anything, I was sitting alone in the dark, reflecting on life out of pure vanity. In my hand I held the release form for the Scope news broadcast, one of New Eden’s most popular and widespread news network. They wanted to do a “Up Close and Personal” segment featuring me. I had seen these bits in passing before, they always ended up embarassing the subject in some way or another.

I wondered what questions they would ask? How would I respond? Would I keep my cool or lose my temper? Was it going to actually be about my personal life, or simply a thinly veiled attempt at a biased agenda? Were they trying to help me rebuild my tarnished reputation or looking to further put the screws to me about murder and slavery?

I sighed deeply, feeling the stale air of the ship enter my lungs. I coughed, feeling lightheaded.

What the hell. I digitally signed the form, sending it back to the correspondent.

This is going to be interesting to say the least, I thought to myself.

Want to help me make this interview interesting? Ask me any “in-character” question you want by filling out the form located HERE. It can be about the war, my music, working out, my views on politics, my relationships with the opposite sex, piracy, recipes, favourite ships and fits, market trading for profit, or whatever the heck you want. While I may not answer every question, the more questions I have to choose from the better.

5 responses to “Up Close and Personal

  1. “Colonel, being in such a position of responsibility and after mounting such hheavy losses in regards to your reputation, your finances, and your emotions, how have you dealt with the massive amounts of stress being put open you? What do you do to make things easier?”

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