Contest Administration

How does one deal with those that say they will do, then do not? Are they to be called out, reminded of their commitments? Or do we act with patience and tolerance, as we would hope would be extended to us in a similar situation?

Come to think of it, I still owe Manasi that 3D action figure he won for his story so long ago.

Let’s take the high road then.

As I try to gather up all the prizes for the Advent Celebration, I notice many items that were pledged were not in fact received. As such, I am asking for patience from all the winners that have not received their prizes. I’m hoping it’s just the holidays, people getting busy, etc, etc… but in case that isn’t what’s going on at all, I will do my personal best to honour all the prizes myself.

It will more than likely take me a bit of time, but it was my contest, and therefore my responsibility.

8 responses to “Contest Administration

    • You’re not the first to check up on this. I don’t have everything as of yet for any of the winners of the final contest days. I am working on it and hopefully by this weekend (or sooner) will be handing out the prizes.

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