Iceland Press

Was looking at my blog stats earlier today and noticed quite a few hits from an Icelandic website. After a little digging, and a little googling, it turns out to be a news review of Fanfest, and I’m mentioned in it. Very flattering.

I also managed to become very ill upon returning to Canada, one of my computer drive arrays failed (with no backup, d’oh!) and I lost my keys… but most of the drama has passed hopefully.

Look forward to me getting back in character soon.


7 responses to “Iceland Press

  1. Translation is a little rough but thats pretty damn cool. How much traffic did you get thrown at you? Maybe it’s time for some Google Ads so you can retire from your day job and be a full time Eve blogger, eh?

  2. This met me up so vigorously. This was directly up too much of a cool Stöff”

    I am pretty sure that’s a direct quote. In my mind that’s how Canadians talk, over there in Canadia.

  3. Roc, we were all rapt by your Fanfest blogging. No surprise the Icelanders took notice. Or it may have been all of the official autographed Roc Wieler pictures stapled to their telephone poles…

    In any case I hope your feeling better soon. As for your array failure – I view incidents like that the same way I feel about losing a ship in Eve. An opportunity to do it better next time.

  4. Following the translated bit Steve quoted, I couldn’t help but get a good laugh at the translated ending to that same sentence “…writes bloggarinn who calls himself Food Colonel Roc Wieler.”

  5. Hey Roc, I was very impressed with your blog from Icelend. It got me thinking that you should invent a Capsuleers workout plan for all of us Canadian Capsuleers who could use a little exercise through the winter and don’t have a gym in our basements. I know there are lots of things you can do with out weights. You seem to be the model of capsuleer fittness. Any ideas?

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