Iceland 2009 – Entry #6


So I was just about to logoff, after having a wonderful conversation with my gorgeous wife, when I noticed OmberZombie on Gmail chat.

We struck up a brief conversation, and I quickly found out he was not only in Iceland, but at the very pool hall I had been invited to earlier.

So I sucked it up and went, and had a great time.

I ran into many of the CCPers I had been talking to previously, was introduced to some new ones, and ran into Shae and the gang.

We grabbed a pool table, and played some doubles, Shae and I versus all comers. I don’t recall exactly (I’ve had a few), but I’m fairly certain we went undefeated.

Either way it was an enjoyable time, and it’s nice to see CCP engage so directly with their playerbase. There is honestly no elitism on their end; they’re regular people happy to be a part of something as fantastic as EVE Online.

OmberZombie got his autographed Roc picture, promising to frame it (lol), and I even had one of the CCPers demand one to hang on the wall of the content office. Hell, no problem. I’ll make sure I bring some tomorrow.

Omber is as fantastic in person as he is an online persona, though regrettably he was fatigued and had to cut out early. We’ll hook up again for sure Omber!

Anyway, I’m tired as well, so will be going to bed now. For real this time.

For those of you unable to attend Fanfest, let’s do ourselves all a favour, start saving for next year now! I have attended many conferences in my professional career, and I have never experienced this high level of fun and interaction before, and the conference isn’t even started!

Fly safe,

Roc out. Seriously.

2 responses to “Iceland 2009 – Entry #6

  1. There no words I can think of that describe how fracking awesome your trip has been. Parts might suck to have happen.

    But it makes for a great read.


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