Iceland 2009 – Entry #5


So I went down to the Cabin Hotel, trying to meet up with some fellow Ushra’Khan alliance members.

Then I saw this red haired devil, with silver gothic rings on every finger of both hands, and a Hellcats TShirt.

You just know I had to say hello.

Shae Tiann gave me a warm and friendly hug. It reminded me quickly of what fanfest is really all about, meeting fellow players whom you respect and admire.

For those of you who do NOT know who Shae is, shame on you. Seriously. She is one of the most brilliant fiction writers I have ever read, and now met, and is a serious gamer, and I must say from the limited time we spent together, a wonderful person.

Stop reading my blog right now (but come back after), and go read some of her wonderful stories over at SWEET LIL BAD GIRL.

I met her boyfriend as well, and a few other players, and we all went out to partake in one of the most delicious hamburgers I have ever had. The pints weren’t bad either.

Chris and his wife joined us, and I think it’s safe to say a fun time was had by all.


After dinner, a bunch of them headed off to play pool, and while I am a big fan of the game, Chris and I had some things to take care of, so headed back to the Grand Hotel lobby.

Finished up what we had to do, said goodbye, and now I’m just sitting here, talking to my precious wife on IM, blogging away.

I’ll probably login to my Trader alt shortly, see how she’s doing, then head up to bed.

Fanfest starts tomorrow, so I may not get to blog as much, but will do my best to keep you all up to date.

Fly safe.

Roc out.

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