Way of the Brutor

Well friends, it’s been a while. I swear I could just record that once and hit replay every time I type in my personal log. I trust you’ve been well since last we spoke. I’ll talk about me more later; lots to get caught up on, but first let’s focus on us.

This is a journey. It always has been.

A journey has a beginning, a middle, and an end … sometimes. The beginning is in the planning, the knowing of what we are going to set out to accomplish. The middle of course is the execution, which often leads to an adjusting of the plan, and the end is the results, which can often be a moving target, literally and figuratively.

This post is about the journey of lasting fitness. Big surprise.

I’m sure you’ve watched The Scope on GNN, as health & lifestyle never seems to go out of fashion: yoyo-diets, fads, gadgets, it’s an endless pursuit to separate you from your hard earned credits. The simple truth is none of these things work. The easy formula for maintaining a health lifestyle is:

calories in < calories out

That’s it. So simple yet so elusive in this day and age of over consumerism. Calories, sugars, additives and preservatives, all the tasty things are so easy to come by that executing this formula is a struggle for most of the galaxy, myself included.

So I’ve begun a longer term fitness journey, asking for help from those I’ve watched succeed in this area: nutritionists, mentors, those that use science and long term evidence to ensure only the very best for me, and therefore only the very best for you.

I’d like us to undertake this adventure together. It won’t be easy, but things are often easier when shared. To that end, we’ve had a small focused group for the last seven years. I’d be honoured for you to join us; Way of the Brutor.

Here’s a breakdown of the 90 Days together:

  • Warrior Fast
  • Brutor Life
  • Diprose Method

What can you expect? Commitment from me, from the other Brutor in our tribe. Higher energy, better sex drive, greater mental clarity and focus, and muscle soreness, for a little while. Most importantly is we will be doing something sustainable.


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