OOC: Lost Eden

If you’re living on an asteroid somewhere, you may not realize that I enjoy music. I’ve composed music for most of my adult life, and released soundtracks inspired by Star Wars Galaxies, Eve Online, and even the original work of my heart, Diaries of War. Some of my tracks have been featured in video games; others used in film/television. Many players have used my music in their videos, with and without permission over the decades. Music is how I’ve always explored and expressed emotion, how I’ve come to relate to the characters I play. Warren Angelo, N’Varra Wren, Roc Wieler and so many others span a lifetime of wondrous discovery.

Recently I’ve noticed a few things about pop music. The first is that there are currently two Top 40 songs where the artists mostly say the word “work”. As soon as you read that, one or both songs popped into your mind. I’m sorry for that. The other thing I’ve noticed is that what is old becomes new again. There are some songs I’ve heard lately that have reminded me of something, but I haven’t been sure what. It’s the music lover in me. I can feel music. I can hear it calling to targeted emotions.

So I did some digging, and thanks to the power of YouTube, I figured it out. Much to my delight I’m reminded of one of my favourite games from yesteryear, Lost Eden. The game was fun at the time though it wouldn’t hold up to any of today’s standards, except for the scoring. The music was brilliant then, and is brilliant now. I remember in the 90s listening to songs like “Set Adrift in Memory Bliss” and anything from the Art of Noise during that decade and thinking These groups must’ve played this game. Now it seems that somehow music is taking its cue once again from my youth.

If you have the time, give the soundtrack a listen. Especially at 14:20, the main theme. That is the one that strikes my heart chords the most. In fact, if you’re so inclined, there are many good remixes of that theme to be found.

If you’re so inclined, feel free to listen to some of my work, for free, on SoundCloud.

If you like what you hear, do a search for Roc Wieler on your favourite music app/website and pick up an album or two. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

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