It was only a few short years ago that we all gathered for a Brutor workout in the bitter colds of the northern continent of our homeworld. Many important guests were invited to attend this grueling endeavour. Not all survived. Not all enjoyed. All remembered.

Now that seemed like child’s play.

I’d be training for the upcoming bear racing season. It’s hard. Harder with every passing year I age. It takes a special kind of insanity to want to race bears. And an even higher level of crazy to train for it.

Here’s your challenge for your next workout.

Nines Circuit


  • duffel bag
  • heavy link chain (50 – 100 lbs)

*note – heavy link chain WILL hurt you, especially the more you shoulder it. Be warned.


Do the following for 9 sets of 9 reps.

  • Get Up Left (keep bag on left shoulder).
  • Lunge Left (keep bag on left shoulder, lunge forward with left leg for all 9 reps).
  • Push Press
  • Sumo Deadlift High Pull
  • Zercher Squat
  • Alternating Shoulder
  • Man Maker
  • Lunge Right (keep bag on right shoulder, lunge forward with right leg for all 9 reps).
  • Get Up Right (keep bag on right shoulder).

You’re welcome.

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