Why are there no in-game casinos in Eve Online?


In-game casinos have been constantly used by game developers as places where players can unwind after countless hours of leveling up and fighting difficult bosses. Gamers know how enjoyable playing side quests are inside casinos but it seems that Eve Online hasn’t caught up with this idea. In the game, players can navigate through 7,800 star systems, most of which are swarming with advanced technology, but casinos are yet to be found.

In Legend of Legaia for the PlayStation 1, there’s a place called Sol where players must spend a good amount of time playing slot machines if they want to unlock powerful items that can be used by the main characters. The Final Fantasy series have also used this method twice in their games. In FF VII’s Gold Saucer, players need to bet on the Chocobo races in order to unlock ultimate limit breaks. In FF XIII-2’s Serendipity, gamers must play poker and slot machines in order to obtain rare prizes that can boost their party’s overall strength.

Now, Eve Online is set 21,000 years in the future, with 5 colonies that are more than capable of taking over entire civilizations. With technologies so advanced, developer CCP games could’ve at least predicted how casino establishments would look like in the future. Will these establishments have holographic features or some other groundbreaking assets that the world has never thought of before?

The casino genre is one of the most popular types of games being played by mobile users right now, with millions of people all over the world opting to play to pass the time. According to the world’s oldest online casino site, InterCasino, games used by the best online casinos such as slots gained popularity in the online world because of their simplicity and ability to give out huge winnings even with a small starting bet. Slots are easy to play, and easier to get hooked into, which is probably why many game developers use them as a way to entice people to play their games.

In the future, perhaps Eve Online can finally add an in-game casino for its players. It would be nice to see some sort of recreational area for players who are looking for ways to do stuff in the game apart from training skills and engaging in PVP.

5 responses to “Why are there no in-game casinos in Eve Online?

  1. This biggest reason is likely because CCP knows what issues this would cause better than we do. Casinos in single-player games are almost always massive money spinners. And in multi-player games, at least the ones that aren’t saturated with microtransactions, have a degree of that as well. There are already many casino sites run by EVE players and they are a very easy way to turn disposable income into more ISK. There are plenty of ways for players to generate their own fun in-game; those wouldn’t come with such a massive backlash like in-game gambling would, taking the player run sites as an example.There might also be technical issues that mean even if CCP wanted to do this, it would be relatively low on the list of priorities.

    • I agree to an extent. NPC-run casinos could turn out to be a very bad idea very easily, but I still think the old Walking in Stations concept of giving players the tools to creatively establish and run their own bars, casinos, and assorted space-businesses could add a great deal of value and fun to the game and New Eden’s economy.

  2. I agree completely… both thematically and mechanically in-game casinos would be good for the game. And it would be good for CCPs bottom line. Casinos, being the shady undertakings they are, would use Aurum exclusively for both bets and payouts. Depending on how they want to run it they could either keep Aurum purchasable for money only or allow it to be traded for ISK. In one situation it is strictly an income generator and in the other it would be a way to filter ISK out of the economy.

    The only concern I would have, beyond the fine-tuning of the system, is that player’s would cry foul. Like a real casino players should be losing more than they win but if the house cut is perceived to be too much players will bitch.

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