Call it a Throwback Thursday post, call it a fond memory, call it whatever you like, but today is about an Eve character named Rhapsodae.

Rhapsodae (or Indi Dae as he is known outside of EVE) is someone I met years ago at my first trips to Fanfest. He was, and is, the greatest Roc Wieler fan the universe has ever seen.

Pics or STFU, right?


This is Rhapsodae, getting my signature … on his bare ass.


There’s your proof.

Notice the WWRD wristband which he still wears to this day. Now, you may be thinking that’s fine and dandy but for those of you that remember, I did give out a lot of wristbands, signed autographs, etc, even though he is the only one that got it signed on his ass.

There are two things that set Rhapsodae above and beyond any other.

  1. That very same signature later became a permanent tattoo. I kid you not.
  2. We still talk on Facebook somewhat regularly. Any time I need a little pick me up, a reminder that it’s not only my close friends and family that believe in me, all I need to do is talk with Indi for a few minutes and my entire day is made better. Everyone needs someone in their life like that.

Rhapsodae, Indi, thank you for believing. In Roc, in me, in the power of awesome.

Make sure to check out his EVE based online comic Jitters 4-4 on Facebook.

2 responses to “Permanence

  1. No matter how many times I hear this story it still makes me laugh. So much awesome. And laugh in a good way, just to be clear. This barely tops the book guy that showed up this year for me to autograph his custom made books… by a nose. Or, should I say, by a butt.

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