Today’s tale was from a stranger to me who is now a friend – a dev at CCP Games.

He’s struggled with weight, motivation, poor self-image, like the rest of us. 

This morning saw the solar eclipse, and like that event, having the privilege to sit and listen to this man’s story was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

By the end of our chat a light could be seen in his eyes, a new spark of hope, of determination. We broke down the obstacles together, came up with a plan, and will be checking in with each other every six weeks.

I left that chat feeling humbled and grateful to be afforded the chance to help someone, to give back in kind to all the kindness and support that have been given me over the years.

If you’re at Fanfest this year, and even if you’re not, I challenge you tomorrow to create a moment, to get over how busy you are, and to listen to someone else’s story. It could improve your entire day. Or more.

I know it did for me.

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