The flight had been nothing out of the ordinary for the most part, but that all changed during the last 1000 feet descent. 

The winds from the southsouthwest  exceeded the safe range and like many public air transports, ground control had advised our pilots earlier of the option to circle and wait for the weather to break.

Unfortunately, a regional planet side meteorologist had predicted several hours of gusty wind and our fuel supply wouldn’t last that long not long enough to fly to the nearest airport three hours away.

The decision was made to land. We were advised once again of emergency procedures except this time every passenger was fully attentive.

It was at 1000 feet during descent that we each assumed the crash position. I had received a complimentary upgrade to first class, so at least if I were to die I would do so in luxurious leather seating.

The craft shook worse than any atmospheric entry I had ever piloted, and wave after wave nausea assaulted me. I hadn’t eaten in over 12 hours or I would’ve vomited.

I could feel the sway of the plane as the pilot fought against nature to maintain control.

It was then that I thought of her, not out of fear, but of longing. Her beautiful brown eyes staring at me with affection, her sweet lips and smile before me. I couldn’t remember what we talked about the last time we spoke but my heart ached at the idea of never seeing her again. Never kissing her. Never being with her.

We hit the ground hard, but safely. You’ve never heard louder cheers fill a passenger cabin. We were so grateful that there wasn’t a single complaint as we then spent another two hours grounded on the tarmac, first waiting for the ground crews to inspect for damage, and secondly for the winds to subside enough for the docking tube to extend.

For someone who spent most of his time flying in the stars, I had never been happier to have my feet on solid ground.

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