6 responses to “Roc’s Rule #570

  1. No ability to post comments on your latest post.
    You broke my heart.

    Other wise the post would have been: Roc on and Stay Frosty!
    and perhaps a mention of all the special and unique snowflakes drifting down my screen, although they all look very similar at first glance.

      • Your post more or less confuses me more than answers. Your Roc Rules aren’t original? Where do you get them? I wouldn’t mind exploring more of them outside of your blog, etc.

        Either way, your content is as much original as anyone elses. Actually I’d venture to guess even more so. Keep Roc’ing. 😀

        • Most of them are actually original, but inspirational quotes are available everywhere. I usually just reword stuff to be more Roc, but occasionally someone in my real life will say something that just must become a Rule.

    • See there is an example. “Haters gonna hate” already exist. So I would look at that and come up with something like “Hate takes the least amount of effort. No wonder so many imbeciles employ it frequently.” so that’s it a little more to the point.

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