Seldon Crisis: The Soundtrack


It might seem odd, but I have so much to say and no clue where to begin! Bear with me as it all just spills out.

Firstly, I cannot say enough good things about my experience working with Chaos Interactive thus far. They have been incredibly supportive of my efforts, my process, my stalling, my procrastination … and my music. It turns out some of them were even fans as Eve players but didn’t want to let me know so that I wouldn’t feel undue performance anxiety. Yeah, like that ever happens to Roc Wieler.

Secondly, I have to admit I’ve been completely overwhelmed in the best way possible. I have a new and deep appreciation for the amount of effort that goes into creating music and sound for a video game, especially a MMO. I’ve had to re-read a lot of Asimov’s source materials, and quickly as we have a production schedule; our Kickstarter launches September 1st (not sure I was supposed to say that yet). While re-reading the source materials, I’ve had to experiment with the beliefs and emotions of each of the major and minor factions we’re implementing into the initial release of the game and create music accordingly. At the same time, I’ve had to stay away from simply duplicating the ideas of EVE Online, which was harder than expected! Caldari are militaristic, Minmatar are tribal, Gallente are dance/techno, Amarr are Asian – pretty straightforward after the fact, but I’ve found myself falling into those categories for the Foundation universe, and had to keep starting over.

Finally I got to a place where the team was happiest, where I was happiest. I’ve started defining a universe. Every region, every constellation, every solar system, all with key musical characteristics. Space stations, ship intros, video promotions, newscasts, all of it coming together with one overarching tonality.

It’s a lot of hard work and I’ve only just started scratching the surface. I’d say I’m about 1% of the way done my musical work’ let’s not even talk character voice work and sound effects! Hopefully what I’ve created here, combined with the amazing 3D work of Psycho of Eve Outtakes (oh yes, my 3D mentor is part of this project, did I not mention?), and the amazing game dev work of the CI team, will be enough to get our Kickstarter funded.

Then I’ll have a whole new level of overwhelming to embrace and enjoy!

In the meantime, here is what I’ve been allowed to release so far. It will grow over time, and a physical signed disc may even become a perk of the Kickstarter. We’ll see.

As always, I’m eternally grateful for your support in all I do.

4 responses to “Seldon Crisis: The Soundtrack

  1. I heard an interview with Jeremy Soule and there was a point mentioned that I thought was especially valid about finding the aural balance between having too much of an impact or not enough.

    Especially in the context of game music, and most particularly background for an area and where the music is on relatively high rotate due to limitations on game space. Cut scenes/intros are another matter altogether 🙂

    I’d never managed to crystallize that thought despite having listened to tons of music from movies, games etc.

    Keep up the fantastic job.

  2. I’ve only made it through Dors Venabili so far, but excellent stuff!
    I know comparisons would probably not be well-received, but the “feel” so far to me is like a mix of Mass Effect and Crimson Tide. Take that as a compliment — I think Crimson Tide was some of Zimmer’s best work. 🙂

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