Iceland 2013 – Final Days

So drunk. So hungover. So much fun. Roundtable rooms too small, just like last year. Stench starting to build. I’m probably adding to it. Wife having a blast. Time to drink.

CSM election lost. CSM 7 members shocked and offering to personally help me with my campaign should I run again. CSM 8 members not as shocked but were still hopeful as I was to secure a seat and assure me my voice will still be heard over the coming year. Finally drank scotch with Hilmar. Told him I’m applying for Jon Lander’s job as I am actually very qualified for it. Told John Lander the same to which he replied that he was going to contact me about mobile stuff anyway and hopes I get involved in some capacity with the future of the game. Heard resounding from every dev I spoke with about the CSM and about joining CCP. Fans were very supportive with alcohol at my CSM loss. Thanks for that.

Overall I’m content with those on CSM 8 but as always it’s about actions and I will be watching closely.

Was so difficult to leave Iceland this year, not just because I was out until 5 AM the final night, waking up at 8 AM to get ready to head back to Canada, but because I do not know if I will be returning to Fanfest. My wife and I had agreed that the 10th anniversary would be our last. There is still so much of this tiny planet we wish to see.

We’ll see what happens.

I will miss seeing all of you face to face, but in the meantime, we always have this blog. We always have Roc.

5 responses to “Iceland 2013 – Final Days

  1. Had votes from me, Roc !

    And too bad about other fanfests, although I hadn’t realized you had been to so many.

    Next year will be my first.

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