The Ego Takes Over

Meh, I probably shouldn’t even bother with this post, as it will only garner more attention for the original poster, but I figure, why the hell not?

I’m not going to go into how EVE Online is a game that promotes Egocentricity.

I’m not going to go into how judging someone else’s efforts is completely arrogant, vain, and condescending.

What I will focus on is this: EVE is Real.

Sure, it’s a marketing phrase thrown at us by CCP Games, but in my case, and hopefully in many others, it’s true.

What started as a reality escape within the science fiction universe of New Eden became much, much more. As much as I have influenced Roc Wieler, my main character in EVE Online, he has influenced me. I’ve talked about this before; about how Roc has taken on a life of his own, and how while he is still very much an extension of my fantastical self, he has become his own somewhat independent entity. To me, that is what good roleplay, a good community, and the open sandbox nurtures.

At the same time, I have grown in my real life because of Roc. It’s almost a symbiotic relationship. Call it what you will – I’m sure many therapists would agree with anything you say. I use Roc as my motivation to do better in life; to stand up for myself verbally, social, to stand tall physically, to push myself harder, to strive to live up to the excellence that I believe is inherent with being among the elite pilots of New Eden, the Capsuleers. To excel in everything I touch. That is who Roc Wieler is to me.

Bottom line is this – this is my blog. I write it for one person. Me.

Roc evolves. I write about it. I evolve. I write about it. I have some readers still here from day one. I have some that have left. I have others that have joined only recently. Such is life. I have some that come for the Eve Online aspect, others that enjoy the recipes, others that enjoy Roc’s Rules, others that simply enjoy my offerings to the Eve Online community in a metagaming capacity – namely music and art. Some even get a kick out of my rants, such as this one.

I do what appeals to me.

Should I still be in the EVE Blog Pack? Honestly, that’s never been my call. If I am removed, I am pretty confident my blog won’t be affected. If I remain, I’m pretty sure my blog won’t be affected. I respect the Blog Pack, and have always been proud to be a part of it. Does it mean my blog is better than anyone else’s? To claim such would be an act of ego. To even say one blog is better than another as definitive fact is ego. There are many good writers in the blogosphere. There are many crappy writers. All are welcome in my books.

I do what I do because I want to do what I do.

You can like it. You can hate it. You can even comment ignorantly on it, not knowing the man, revealing yourself to be full of envy and fail. One thing you can’t do is stop it.

Roc is always relevant.

4 responses to “Ego

  1. A blog should please the blogger, and anyone interested comes along for the ride. So good on you, Roc. That said, I’ve had your blog bookmarked for maybe two years now and the first thing I do when I open my Eve BM folder is close the tab to your blog. I just realized I haven’t gotten anything out of the blog in who knows how long, so I’m going to take Corelin’s post as an impetus to leave. Just because I no longer want to come along for the ride I wouldn’t expect you to stop doing your thing, so keep on keeping on.

    • Now see, I can totally respect that, and I thank you for taking the time to post your comment.

      I am currently recording tutorial videos on my EVE 3D work, from the basics of getting ships out of the game and into a 3D program, to various tips and techniques I’ve learned along the way. As I grow, so too will those videos.

      I’m adding a menu system to better promote my music, and the upcoming Brutor Guide to Empyrean Health.

      I’m also in discussion with U’K as to what our future is on the Factional Warfare front once Inferno hits, as I enjoyed that aspect of EVE greatly, and it was a great source of inspiration for many of my tales.

      Of course, if none of those things interest you enough to stick around, I wish you well. And who knows, you may drop by in the future. I’ll still be here.

  2. I would agree with the original post.

    Your blog has deviated from Eve lately. Thats a fact.

    But as you said on his page, you’ve changed as a person. And it affects how you blog and play.

    I enjoy reading your blog. Sure, I may not read every post. But those I choose to read I normally enjoy.

    Keep doing the good work Roc!

  3. I’ve followed your blog sin e the Capsuleer days. When a post is about something other than Eve Online, I move along. When it is about Eve, I read. That’s just the kind of blogs I Ike to read: Eve. That’s what attracted me to start a blog of my own, the fact that power is on the side of the reader. The reader can choose to read it or skip it, and the writer can just keep pouring his heart into his posts. It’s a win/win.

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